Sunday, June 30, 2013

Luke - 3 months

Yesterday our baby hit 3 months. (The semi-retired accountant in me quickly realized that's a calendar quarter, and then that he was born at the end of March (1st quarter) which means 2nd quarter is almost over which means 2nd quarter payroll forms will be due soon.  Yep....)

I feel like our baby has been growing up so fast all of a sudden!!  Things that are going on:

-He can roll both ways - back to front and front to back (although not super consistently)
-He's started grabbing things on his own, like on the playmat he'll grab, and hold onto, the toys hanging above him.  
-He's still sleeping through the night (at least, average of 6/7 nights a week)
-He smiles A LOT.  It's super easy to get out of him.  
-He laughs but, again, not real consistently
-I'm positive that he knows Matt & I and will always give Matt big smiles when he gets home.
-He seems to have discovered he has 2 hands (will hold them together), an ear (he'll play with his left one from time to time), and, just recently, feet (he'll grab them during diaper changes).

day before his baptism - looks like he's deep in prayer

New places, people, and experiences:
-Made his first trip out of the state - to Ohio to meet his great-grandparents
-Made his first trip to the drive-in
-Was baptized!
-became an "older" cousin at 11 weeks old, when Matt's sister had her baby
-got through his first real surgery

how he usually sleeps at night
Oh there is so much good news here.  Last Monday his apnea monitor was picked up!!!! YAY!!!!  Luke was sleeping when it happened but when I came back inside he smiled.  Even he knew, asleep, that something good was happening!!  The sores on his sides are starting to go away since he doesn't have stickers every night now.  It's so nice being able to put him to bed and get him up without getting tangled in cords.  And Luke can move all over his crib (which he does) without getting tangled (the wires were wrapped around his arm 3xs one morning).  It is so so exciting.  I thought I'd have trouble sleeping that first night without the monitor since the "Safe Sleep" video we had to watch in the NICU pretty much said: "your baby will die of SIDS within 3 months" BUT...I slept fine.  And Luke does fine.  And it's so nice not having the monitor!!
Last morning he woke up with wires attached! (grouchy because he was hungry)

We had a surgery follow-up at the doctor's on Friday and he got the all clear on that too!  He's still is swollen around his belly button (when we first took the dressing off 48 hours after surgery, it was so swollen I thought they completely took out his belly button) but his incision looks good and we don't have to go back!!

That brings us to 3 specialists who have released us, only 1 left!!! YAY!!!!  Tomorrow we'll be at just 2 medicine doses a day, down from 6 since surgery.  Trying to manage 6 doses was confusing.  In another week he'll just be on the reflux drug once a day.  That's it!  He goes back to the pulmonologist in early August to hopefully be cleared by her too. 

After 7 doctor visits in June, including surgery and his EEG, the only one scheduled for July is his 4 month well baby visit at the end of the month.  That means we should go a whole MONTH without going to the doctor.  You have no idea how exciting this is.  Each appointment is a minimum of 2 hours out of our day, with driving time (usually to Parkview North but sometimes Lutheran) and wait time.  I am beyond excited that they are mostly over!

This week I reread the e-mail our social worker sent us to tell us about Luke and ask if we wanted to be presented, with all his unknown medical issues at the time.  AND it turned it out it was mostly nothing.  When we said yes we thought we'd have a lot of issues to deal with but trusting God paid off (as usual), we have a wonderful, healthy little baby. =)

Coming up in July: going to his first wedding (aunt Erin's), trying baby cereal, helping mommy celebrate a big birthday, 4th of July (we'll see how that goes...), AND biggest of all: FINALIZATION!  We are getting super close to him being 100% ours, legally being his parents. =)

very good chance he is wearing the exact same diaper in both pictures
Our baby is growing up so fast!


Erin Sherburne said...

Oh this post made me happy.

First I had to laugh at the work nerd in you :-)

But, so many good and exciting things happening and Luke looks adorable when he sleeps! July is going to be a big month for him!

diana said...


Accountants aren't exactly known for being cool. =)

And yes! Big month for little man! I hope he behaves next week!

Lauren said...

Ahhh he is GROWING! Look at those smiles!!! I love his baldy head, prob because both my kids had have hair :) And no more wires at all??? Really??? That is soooooo awesome. Finally!

diana said...

Yes! Growing so fast!! Bald baby fits right in with my family, we were all bald babies (and it's much cuter on boys!). Completely done with wires unless something changes drastically! YAY!!!

Erin Sherburne said...

i think accountants are cool ;-)

fabricsandfun said...

He all of a sudden looks so big!

diana said...

E - thanks! You might be the only one! Haha.
M - I KNOW! All of a sudden he is growing up sooo fast!