Thursday, October 31, 2013

Luke - 7 months

As of Tuesday Luke is 7 months old.  That first birthday will be here before we know it which I just can't believe! 

-We officially have a crawler but only a few "steps" at a time (4-5ish).  He then either makes his destination or falls on his belly and scoots from there.  He has no trouble at all getting around.
-His first two teeth have poked through now, both on the bottom.  I noticed the first almost 2 weeks ago and the second about a week ago.  It's really hard to actually see them because Luke will pull my hand out of his mouth every time I try but he chews on my finger enough that I know they are there.
-He's getting better at balancing himself but still doesn't sit on his own nor does he seem to have much of a desire to do so.  He's pretty content to play on his belly or back. 
-He's gotten better at eating and we've been trying new foods.  Still can't get him to like bananas which is just crazy because they are delicious.
-He's learned a few tricks but isn't consistent with them.  We've gotten him to do "so big" many times in a row on his own and also peek-a-boo where he'll hide behind a burb cloth or towel and pop out.  Both are hilarious and exciting when they actually happen!!
-He's a consistent daytime napper when we are home and has also gotten better about adjusting when we are out and about.   My favorite days are still when we get to be home all day and he stays on a good schedule!

 New places, people, and experiences:
-We helped Matt celebrate a big birthday
-Unfortunately he attended his first funeral  
-Went on a long trip with me to visit many people in Ohio, a few of them new to Luke!

Coming up in his 8th month of life:
-The beginning of the holiday season!!  YAY!!!!  Just the Night of Lights and Thanksgiving will happen before he hits the 8th month mark but Christmas prep has already begun around here.  I am pretty excited to share the most wonderful time of the year with him!!
-I guess we can count Halloween even though he's not trick-or-treating but will probably be dressed up for a bit.
-Hopefully his last specialist appointment (pulmanologist) but she's said the last couple visits that the next one should be his last so I'm not very optimistic.

He looks so big when he lays in his crib this way!!
He's generally a pretty happy baby and giggles so easily now.  He's usually hesitant around new people or people he doesn't see often unless there are little kids around too; he loves other kids.  And checking himself out either in the mirror or the framed 8x10 we have in the stairs. He's such a funny little guy and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

Luke - 2 months
Luke - 3 months
Luke - 4 months
Luke - 5 months
Luke - 6 months 


Lauren said...

7 months! Big boy!!! He is one cute monkey :) And he beat Walden on the crawling, although Walden can sit up fine these days. I guess everyone has their strengths :)

diana said...

I certainly wouldn't mind if he did more sitting and less crawling! So hard to do anything while he's awake now!