Monday, December 30, 2013

Luke - 9 months

As of yesterday Luke is 9 months old!!  We're at 3/4 of the way to 1 already!!!  Matt and I were talking this weekend about how old 9 months seems and how soon that first birthday is coming.  Waaaay too soon.  But I've also been planning his little party for months.  Just in my head though, nothing crazy. 

-Luke is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on everything, and getting into everything.  Everything.  There is little safe from his little hands or mouth.
-He's started inching around the coffee table when there is something just out of his grasp.  He usually gets frustrated after a few steps, gets down to his knees, crawls a little, and then stands back up.  It's pretty adorable.
he was determined to get to his Darth Vader ornament, climbed up there on his own!!
-He started clapping right before Christmas, randomly and often.  He seems to have forgotten about it though and now rarely does it.  That seems to be how he does with tricks.  Learns them, does them a lot, and then forgets.
-He has started "so big" again after a few weeks off.  It's pretty adorable.
-He's shaking his head "no" on and off but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know that it means anything.  It's hilarious because he'll do it at the most random times.

Teeth count: 6 but we suspect more on on the way very soon

Favorites: He's starting to have some favorite toys.  The one he goes the most crazy for is his bathtime turtle.  He came in a set of squirting bath toys and we have a few of them in the tub.  As soon as he gets in he's looking to where we keep the turtle, waiting for it.
We broke out the turtle to help get him to stay still for the photoshoot

He also likes his stacking cups, we play with those a lot.  He'll do his baby version of "woah!" when he knocks them over.

New places, people, and experiences:
-first Christmas (!!), celebrations with both sides
-first time trying to open presents, eating the paper

Look how much he's grown in relation to the blanket since we started doing these 7 months ago!!  He was so tiny then!

Medical Updates
His pulmanologist (who we never really cared for and who seemed to keep holding us for no reason) has moved away!!!  This is exciting because now we get away from her.  I think the only reason they kept making new appointments is because she wanted to see him grow more (something his normal doctor hasn't been concerned with).  He's still on reflux meds but we're hoping his normal doctor can take care of those.  We tried taking him off them for a few days but he was puking more and eating less, signs that he should probably be on it.

This means that we are now done with all of his specialist, two because they released him (surgeon and neurologist) and two because we didn't agree with the reason they weren't releasing us (geneticist and pulmanologist).  I recently reread the first e-mail we got about Luke, with all the health concerns they had for him at the time.  There was initial concern that we'd be dealing with lifelong (and costly) health issues but he's turned out to be in almost perfect health; growing and developing just fine.  It's amazing to reread that e-mail now, knowing how he's doing, and be amazed at God's work in him.  It's just incredible.

Coming up in his 10th month of life:
-his first New Year (2014!)
-a ski trip or two

I am in complete denial that we are now as close to his 1 year as to his 6 months (which doesn't seem all that long ago!)

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