Thursday, January 30, 2014

Luke - 10 months

Luke - 10 months

Luke is 10 months old.  This means that we only have one more month birthday before he hits the big ONE!  How is our baby this old already??  Seriously.
Even Luke is amazed at how old he is
Stats: His 9 month check-up turned into a 10 month check-up so we were just there a week ago.  He was 17lb 8oz (12%) and 29 inches (60%).  I was hoping for 18 lbs but nope, we just have a long, skinny guy.  Doctor isn't concerned at all though since he's hitting all his developmental milestones and is getting plenty to eat.  I think he's just too busy and active for any of it to stick!

-He's crawling like a pro and getting more brave at crawling over obstacles.  He likes to take the most direct path somewhere, regardless of what toys or adult legs might be in the way.
-He can cruise at least half way around the coffee table without a problem and has gone from the couch to the coffee table (a foot-ish apart).  He'll take small steps holding onto other furniture and between things too.
-He's getting much better balance at standing, often balancing with just his elbows on the coffee table or holding my pants with just one hand.  I am still in no hurry for him to walk though!
-He can go up the stairs (even all our crazy "pie" stairs) and we're working on going down (he doesn't have it yet.)
-His pinching his gotten better in that he can get small pieces of food (like puffs) into his mouth without much problem. 
-He does "so big", claps, waves, high fives, peek-a-boo, and shakes his head no on good days.  He seems to change up which ones he remembers at any given time.
-He said his first word a few weeks ago!  "Truck"  Yep, went straight to 5 letter words.  Still no "dada" or "mama" with purpose but he does babble a lot and likes to make noises with his lips, fingers, and tongue.
I get about 30 seconds to snap as many pictures as I can, hope there is a decent one, and then this happens.
Teeth count: 6

-He still loves his bathtime turtle (in the first picture).  He also likes his xylophone and will crawl across the room to get to that.  He's figured out how to really hit it properly recently.
-He also likes my Camelbak and will excitedly crawl for it when he sees it at his level.  He can even drink out of it!!  Does better with that than the sippy cups we've tried so far.
-He likes turning light switches on and off (Matt says this is teaching him to turn off lights when he leaves a room) and pulling the light cord on his bedroom ceiling fan.
musical genius in the making
New places, people, and experiences:
-Did survive his first New Years by sleeping.  But he's living in his second year!
-This has been a pretty quiet, snowed in month.  We did go to Michigan in the middle of the month and he "saw" Lake Michigan for the first time.  Other than that, weekly trips to church, Target, etc. he hasn't been out much with all the cold and snow.

Coming up in his 11th month of life:
-Maybe we'll finally leave the house and get to see the ground without snow??  Right now it's hard to imagine spring. 

(There weren't any good 10 picture templates.)
I know I say this every month but Luke is constantly amazing us with his cuteness, what he remembers, his smiles, and just generally how happy of a baby he is.  I know it's incredibly cliche to say but I can't remember what we used to talk about before him and I can't imagine life without him.  Looking at all these pictures of his adorableness makes me miss him even though he's just sleeping upstairs.  I'm so blessed and glad that I get to spend most of my waking hours hanging out with him; every day is a new adventure.  He can drive me crazy but then he'll do something completely adorable, smile at me, and it's all forgotten.  I love our little monkey. =)

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