Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Luke - 11 months

This is it, the last month of Luke being a "baby".  In less than 4 weeks we'll have a 1 year old.  A big kid.  It's crazy how fast this past year has gone and how much he has grown.  He seems to be growing up so quickly all of a sudden, working on words, trying to figure things out on his own.  It's so exciting watching him learn and grow but I also wonder where my baby went!!

-He's walking more, as much as 5 straight trips around the coffee table!  He's getting more brave with moving between the couch and coffee table and along the kitchen cabinets.  I don't expect him to be walking real soon because his balance isn't great on his own but it wouldn't surprise me if it happens by/around his birthday!  We stand him up briefly on his own and he thinks it's hilarious.
-He's learned how to turn and back off the couch and can do the same on the stairs but he's usually too interested with what's at the top of the stairs to concern himself with going down the stairs.
-He's repeating more words and sounds from us.  He tries "p" for please or up.  And "b" for bath.  He nods yes and shakes no but I don't think he really knows what those words mean.  He'll try to copy any noises or sounds we make. 
-He's shown a huge interest in real food starting about 3 weeks ago.  If we're eating, he wants to be eating.  His favorites are oranges, crackers, baguettes, and any sweets he can get his hands on.  He's gotten good at picking up small foods like puffs, cheerios, or raisins.  Or lint off the floor. 

Teeth count: 7

-He loves that hammer in his pictures above.  He crawls with that around the house and hits random things like his bottle or his own head.  It's pretty funny.
-He also likes the kazoo I got from the library as part of the summer reading program about 20 years ago.  He'll blow on it and then put it in our mouths to do, then takes it back.  We all find this hilarious.
-He likes to go out on our porch and ring the doorbell.  He gets really excited whenever we open the door between the house and the porch, I think because he thinks we have visitors (even though it's usually just getting the mail).

New places, people, and experiences:
-We spent most of the month at home.  Many weeks Luke's only trips out of the house were on our weekly library walk and weekend Mass.  I hope that changes soon!

Coming up in his 12th month of life:
-the big ONE!!!  I'm excited but also in shock.
-maybe a new cousin?  There is a new cousin due within the next month, we'll see when he/she makes their big arrival!
-spring if not outside then at least the calendar says it will be which hopefully means more walks, more outdoors time, maybe bike rides and runs in the jogger??  There are about 1000 reasons I am looking forward to warmer weather.
2 months to 11 months
Luke is constantly amazes us with all he can do and remember.  He's such a curious, eager, active, and hilarious little guy.  Every day seems to bring something new.  He's so independent and very determined.  He's such a wonderful blessing and joy to our lives. 

Luke - 2 months
Luke - 3 months
Luke - 4 months
Luke - 5 months
Luke - 6 months
Luke - 7 months 
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Lauren said...

Wow he's learning so many new things! Way to go Luke! And way to grow... that turtle has shrunk a lot! :D

diana said...

Hahaha, I'm amazed every time I look back at how small he was when we started these pictures. I can't believe how much and how fast he's grown!