Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Luke - ONE year

Luke - 12 months - ONE year

Our baby is one. ONE!  I really can't believe how fast time goes with him.  Well, feels faster since everything is marked by Luke's stage and milestones (how old he was at the lake last summer, how old he was on vacation, his first Christmas, etc.)  The passage of time is much more noticeable when looking at him.  I could say it's been an incredible year but then...we didn't know he existed a year ago.  Know what I did on March 29th last year?  Started training for the half-marathon I ended up not being able to run because of my bum foot.  But went for a run about 12 hours after Luke was born.  I just realized the irony of that looking back at my closing thoughts on this blog post, saying someday it'll all be a distant memory when we have a baby and my foot is healed.  That I really ran for the first time since surgery on the exact day Luke was born is pretty weird.  (And a healed foot still hasn't happened but that's a whole other topic.)

Anyways, our baby is one!!  He seems to have grown out of so many baby things in the past few weeks and really is becoming a big kid.  He's eating so much more real food, drinking out of sippy cups, drinking out of real cups when we help him, babbling, and becoming very vocal about what he wants.  His birthday is really just another day, it's not like he can do anymore Saturday than he could on Friday but it's still a pretty big milestone.  
Luke 2-12 months

-He's still not walking and seems to be in no big hurry.  I'm not in a hurry for him either!  He's plenty mobile and very much into everything as is.  He'll walk holding onto our hands (sometimes, if he's not too tired) and will walk around furniture.  He thinks briefly standing on his own is hilarious.  But as for now he's just a really fast crawler. 
-I think he knows Matt as "da" and can usually point out himself, Matt, and me in pictures when asked.  Or sometimes even point to a picture of Matt as we walk past and say "da".  He's just started saying "mamama" when he sees me or wants me but it's not as consistent as with Dad.  It might all be a coincidence but I think we are getting a little bit of somewhere.
-Before supper most nights he will hold his hands together, waiting to pray.  Usually once we start actually praying he takes that a sign he can eat like "You got this Mom and Dad, I can eat now that you've remembered to pray."  His favorite part seems to be "Amen" since we clap really loud for that.
-There isn't much food he won't try if it's in front of him.  His favorites change every day (loves blueberries one day, won't touch them the next) but he really likes cheese, mac n cheese, puffs (although we're on our last container now that he's one, I'm done buying them), and any sweets he can get his hands on. 
he really enjoyed his birthday cupcake
Teeth count: 7 but I think number 8 will poke through this week!  I can see it just about there!

New places, people, and experiences:
-With more snow we were home a lot but we did make a trip to Cincinnati and he went to Ikea (both of which he's done before but not often).
-He got a new cousin when my sister had a baby a week ago.  Luke now has 7 boy cousins within 15 months of him with one more unknown gender baby coming in a few weeks.  We plan to meet his new cousin this weekend. 

Coming up in his 13th month of life:
-A new cousin will very likely be here within the next month.
-His second Easter but I don't know that he first one counted since he was 2 days old and still in the hospital at the time.  Probably the first one he will celebrate.
-We hope to make our first trip to the drive-in...but don't plan to take Luke.  Haha.  He'll get to hang out with his cousins though which he probably prefers.
-Reallllllly hoping for a lot more outdoors time, bike rides, family walks...basically anything outside of this house in nice weather.  Once it's warm and the ground dries up I plan for Luke and I to be in the yard every day.

I get choked up easily just thinking about how important Luke is and how much he has completed changed everything for us.  365 days ago we didn't know he existed but now he's one of the most important people in my life (right up there with Matt).  It's hard to remember what life was like before him.  There are plenty of times he drives me crazy but he also brings incredible amounts of joy and laughter to our lives.  Those happy times far outweigh all the tough ones.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He started the chain of events that brought us together as a family.  We are so incredibly blessed to have Luke in our lives.  It's almost impossible to think about what a year from now could look like but I'm so excited to spend it with this little guy.  I do know he'll continue to amaze us. 

Luke - 2 months
Luke - 3 months
Luke - 4 months
Luke - 5 months
Luke - 6 months
Luke - 7 months 
Luke - 8 months
Luke - 9 months
Luke - 10 months 
Luke - 11 months


Erin Heckber said...

I could say many things, but I will just go with that I really like his outfit choice! :-)

Jen said...

And his new cousin is excited to meet him! (Well, I'm excited for them to meet!)

diana said...

E - hahaha, yes! I have a party post coming on Thursday where I talk about that. Been waiting a long time for him to wear it!
J - I don't know that Luke cares (knows enough to care) but I am excited for them to meet too!

Lauren said...

<3 He has grown into a healthy handsome 1 year old!

diana said...

Lauren - I, in my completely unbiased mother's opinion, agree! Haha.