Monday, May 19, 2014

Bathroom - status zero

The bathroom project is officially and completely underway.  We started tearing out the bathroom Friday night.  We got out the overhead cabinets, shelves, and pulled up most of the tile (which came up really easy since the subfloor was basically cardboard, explains why we've had tile breaking for years). 

This is how we left it Friday night.

I took one last shower on Saturday morning and then Luke and I were at my sister's all day doing a garage sale/enjoying a functional bathroom.  My brother-in-law came here to help Matt demo the bathoom.  Matt had helped them with a bathroom remodel shortly before we got Luke.

I hardly heard from Matt all day (which I hope meant he was working hard).  He sent me this picture around lunch time.  Old bathroom gone.
This was taken in about the same spot as the picture above (notice the window).

From what I hear it was a pretty horrible day of work.  The tub, surround, toilet, vanity, drywall, and subfloor all came out.  They replaced parts of the subfloor that were rotted.  All the insulation on the window wall was replaced and added to where the window was.  And the mess was generally cleaned up.  Most of this mess is now in the backyard.

I showered and Luke got a bath before we came back home.  I was honestly a little frightened to come inside and see what kind of mess awaited me.  I didn't take pictures of most of it but let's just say it was bad.  Redoing the bathroom means everything that was in the bathroom (toilet paper, toiletries, medicine, towels, etc.) has to go somewhere else.  That somewhere else was all over the dining room along with tools.  It doesn't take much mess to drive me a little crazy and this was definitely more than my threshold. 

Luke was very excited to see Daddy & his drill and then I put him down (he crashed, two days of garage sale hosting meant late nights, early mornings, and scarce naps).   Then I set about cleaning the house and trying to make the best of what we have right now.  

This was the state of the bathroom by Saturday night:

The room looks much bigger with not much in it.  And yes, what you see is our current toilet.  I'll just say preparing yourself to pee in a bucket and actually peeing in a bucket are two very different things.

This is about the current state of our backyard.  In the middle of writing this on Sunday night I helped Matt carry our old tub out there too.  We're hoping (planning) on bribing/paying one of his nephews to make a dump run for us soon.  The few usable pieces will be donated.  

I cleaned up most of our mess in the dining room & kitchen so Luke's normal play areas are usable.  Matt's office has become our bathroom staging/storage area.

That's the vanity mostly assembled with my craft desk covered in our bathroom items.  I got out my college shower basket for us to take on our shower trips (Matt's been showering at his parents, I'll be showering at my sister's this week).  The things we use on a regular basis (toothbrushes, moisturizer, face pads, my make-up bag) are in my newly painted kitchen cabinet since our kitchen sink is now our bathroom sink as well. 

After about 10 combined trips to Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot in the past week we have most of the big items (toilet, tub, lights, sink faucets, shower tile, cement board, drywall, subfloor) and A LOT of little stuff (wow that little stuff adds up).  We ordered our new flooring and have picked out the shower accent but haven't ordered yet (need more exact measurements). 

Our biggest home project before this was redoing our stairs so that is our only real comparison.  That project started worse because tearing our plaster left a HUGE mess that we occasionally still find traces of.  There was some dust mess from tearing out the bathroom drywall but nothing compared to the plaster mess.  The stairs are also a pretty central area of our home that couldn't really be blocked off.  And the 19 different angles/surfaces made drywalling a lot of fun.  We've been keeping the bathroom door shut which means hiding the mess BUT...nothing can compare to losing a toilet & shower so, even just a few days in, this projects wins in terms of crapiness. 

Matt is taking off a day this week to work on the bathroom and I think one of his nephews is coming to help.  We need all the help we can get right now.  Now that the new subfloor is in, next step is figuring out the exact placement of the toilet and getting the plumbing moved for that.  I think we're bringing in the tub and the toilet to get their placements right and then taking them back out.  I really really really hope we have a flushing toilet in for my bathroom update next week.  Really.  A girl can only pee in a bucket for so long (I think Luke and I will be walking to the library A LOT this week).


Lauren said...

Wow!! That is definitely a lot of work but it's going to look SO GOOF when you are done. EYE ON THE PRIZE! Please please come over if you need a bathroom break and break from looking at the mess! we are close!

Erin Heckber said...

I am happy to help with the loaning you our shower :-) the bathroom is going to look great when it's done!!

diana said...

Trying to stay positive about it!! We knew going in it would be a horrible project and low expectations help. It's only been a few days so I wasn't expecting much yet. I may be bumming showers off both of you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Too bad we moved! I would've just given you the code to get in so that you could use the bathroom to your heart's content!

diana said...

There are many many many times I wish you hadn't moved!!!! This is one of those. =)