Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Luke - 15 months

Over the weekend Luke hit 15 months.  I stopped doing monthly milestone pictures and posts at 12 months but thought quarterly might be a good time to try again.  During picture taking, right before bedtime, I was quickly reminded why we stopped the monthly pictures.  Our little guy is too wiggly and curious to lay down long enough for a picture:

It's incredible how much he's grown since his birthday though.  He even sees his 1 year picture hanging up and says "baby".  He did look much more like a baby then.  He's grown literally - he has a noticeable amount of hair, he's taller, and more teeth have come through.  He's an actual little person, not just a baby now.  

He's walking 98% of the time now and has gotten much better at squatting without falling to play with toys or pick up something.  He can push himself to a stand without needing furniture or a hand.  He thinks he can climb stairs like a big kid.  He can't.  But he does try.  He kicks balls (kinda) and throws them.  He'll color with crayons and knows where keys go, even begs them from strangers in checkout lines.  We haven't done many signs but he has "more" and "all done" down pretty well. 

His comprehension & memory is getting so much better.  Last week he was very whiny and we asked him if he was ready for a bath.  The whining immediate stopped, he nodded yes, and walked over to the gate blocking the bathroom & basement.  I was so proud.  He identifies birds, babies, and dogs just by hearing them.  Anything lake related is a "jet ski".  We were at Matt's brother's house recently 4 weeks after Luke had "ridden" their jet skis there and this time he was looking all over for them.  He knows a few people's houses and gets excited when we pull up. 
yeah, picture taking didn't go the best
Stats: 31" long (41%) and 21 pounds (23%)  Still on the smaller side but after he weighed in the 0.98% a year ago, being in the 20s is pretty good.

Teeth: all 8 front teeth have been in a while and 3 of his first molars have poked through.  The 4th should be any day. 

These are the ones we've identified, I'm sure there are more we haven't figured out yet (how does he not have a word for drink??).  Just repeating it once doesn't count.  These are words he knows what they actually are and will say them on his own while pointing at the correct thing (most of the time).  In no real order until the end.

1) Mama
2) Dada
3) Baby
4) dog
5) bird
6) jet ski
7) drill
8) keys
9) bath
10) ball
11) more
12) bye
13) uh-oh
14) beep
15) cracker
16) blueberry
17) shoe

He's a lot of work but also so much fun.  I think back to last summer a lot, when he was a baby.  It sure was easier getting things done since he wasn't mobile but we also struggled with nap times and were tied to bottle feedings.  Now he usually goes down for his nap easy (at home, anywhere else it's not happening besides maybe the car) and we have a pretty regular schedule.  He can go on bike, kayak, and jet ski rides.  We can play outside and at the beach.  He can do so much more.  So while we deal with more being pulled off bookshelves now we also get to have all sorts of fun together.  It's amazing what a difference a few months make in what he can and likes to do.  Crazy to think how big he will be by the end of the summer!  I love naptime but also love that I get to spend most of my time with him.  He's a pretty special little guy.

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Lauren said...

Wow I didn't realize how much his hair was coming in on the back! And he is WAY on the growth charts, WOW! What a great job you are doing Diana :)

diana said...

I know! He has so much hair we should trim it! But I hate to because he's worked so hard to grow it! Haha.