Monday, September 22, 2014

The surgical experience, round 2

Surgery - round 2

The day I had been dreading all summer had finally arrived.  It was time to get cut open again.  We had very busy weekends leading up to surgery and my weekdays were filled with watching Luke and cooking/baking in advance.  I was actually looking forward to an excuse to sit around for a few days but was still dreading surgery day.   

Surgery was on a Tuesday morning and we had to be there at 6am.  That meant getting up about 5:15.  It was pretty quick for me to get around though since I couldn't workout, couldn't shower, couldn't eat, and couldn't wear make-up.  Basically change clothes and brush teeth.  My Mom came over to watch Luke (who was still sleeping) and we went over his routine before leaving.  It was so weird walking out of the house on my own two feet knowing I'd be hobbling back in on crutches.

The nice thing about being the first surgery of the day is that they were running on time.  We checked in and were shown to a pre-op room.  I got a gown.  Yay.  The above picture, with the provided blue socks, was the last time I stood on my own two feet.  Got hooked up to IV and blood pressure machines.  We waited around some, had visits from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.  Signed some paperwork.  After my last surgery started almost 2 hours late, we were prepared this time and came with magazines.  That helped pass the time and keep my mind off the upcoming needles. 

pre-knee block.  I remember this.
About 7:30 the anesthesiologist came to do my block.  Matt had to leave at this point, just step outside the curtain.  I (carefully, with all my wires) rolled to my stomach so they could do the shot in the back of my knee.  I remember them telling me they were giving me the sleeping meds or whatever through the IV so I wouldn't feel the shot.  That's the last thing I remember.  Apparently Matt was back within 5 minutes to say goodbye.  I apparently said goodbye back.  I also pulled up my hair.  I don't remember any of that.

minutes after waking up in recovery
The next thing I remember was waking up in the post-op room at 9:20 and being very very very confused.   I noticed my foot was all bandaged so I knew surgery was over but pretty much just felt like I blinked and woke up somewhere different.  Matt was there when I woke up and the doctor stopped by shortly after.  He said it went well.  It took me awhile to come out of my haze, I may have slept on and off for a bit.

The anesthesia made me pretty nauseous so we ended up staying in recovery almost 3 hours, until I no longer felt like puking.  I know I took some short naps in there, talked with Matt some, texted my parents and sisters to let them know it went ok.  But I was feeling pretty miserable.  Eventually they gave me this bandaid like patch on my neck that helped with the nausea.  About 30 minutes after getting that I was walking to the bathroom (with a walker) and then got to change shortly after.  We left the hospital at 12:15, almost exactly 6 hours after arriving.

a few hours after surgery
Luke was pretty excited to see us both when we got back although I'm sure he had a pretty good time with Grandma too.  I collapsed on the couch and didn't move much the rest of the day.  Or the day after since Matt was still off work.  Matt and Luke went on multiple adventures together which meant I got a quiet house to nap in.   The block lasted more than 24 hours so I felt pretty good that first day despite the constant feeling of my foot being asleep.  I was even repainting my toenails by 2pm on surgery day.

Once the block wore off, about 32 hours post-surgery, I started to have various aches and pains in my foot.  My current cast made the swelling uncomfortable. I felt like my foot was claustrophobic.  The first couple nights I slept pretty horrible since the pain kept me up.  Bright side, I finished two books in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.

Matt going back to work 48 hours after surgery made my days a lot tougher.  It's hard to stay couch bound and elevate my foot when I am constantly up and down to do things for Luke.  Thursday was a definite struggle just to keep functioning.  We have gotten a good amount of help - my Mom's been by to help get Luke lunch and put him down for naps, my Dad brought supper one night, two of Matt's older nieces and nephews came (at different times) to play with Luke.  A friend brought supper.  It's wonderful to have people going out of the way to help us get through this.

The weekend was really nice since Matt was home 24 hours.  He takes over most of Luke duty when he is home and Luke loves getting to hang out with Daddy that much.  I actually get to elevate my foot most of the day when I'm not in charge of Luke which is really what I'm supposed to be doing for the first 2 weeks.  The swelling also started to go down which made the cast somewhat comfortable.  And I've been sleeping better the last few nights although middle of the night bathroom trips are not fun.

It's more painful mentally now than physically.  I feel like it's keeping me from being a good mother to my son, basically making me useless.  I'm used to being up and about, getting things done.  This sitting on the couch all day is tougher than it sounds.  By 4 days after surgery I had read 3 1/2 books, 3 magazines, and watched 3 movies.  I know I'm up more than I should be but it's really hard to just sit all day, especially with Luke around.  It's driving me crazy that I can't do more around the house.  Matt has been great though - taking over supper prep, bath & bed times for Luke, doing basic cleaning, going to the grocery, taking Luke on walks and bike rides.  
Mine & Luke's first morning at home alone

Luke has been pretty patient with me, besides multiple requests to go outside.  He knows where my big ouchie is and thinks my crutches are pretty fun to play with (I would disagree).  We did some extra baby proofing which has really helped contain him.  The biggest struggle is still the stairs and nap time.  Matt's gotten Luke up and changed before work each day.  I've had other people here to help put him down for naps and he doesn't like that, he knows it's off his regular routine.  He had been going down without a peep and now there is screaming involved, even though I'm still right there.  He has also forgotten that he can go down the stairs.  Our first day at home alone I held him while backing down the stairs on my knees. This is not the best option.

I'm still expected to be non weight bearing for another 5 weeks; we have a long ways to go.  It's so weird to see my bandaged foot again, felt like we just went through this.  I survived it once so I know I can do it again.  It's just going to be a struggle to take care of Luke and heal my foot.  We are hoping this surgery actually works and pays off in the end! 


Erin Heckber said...

Thinking of you! I can only . Imaging how hard keeping your foot up would be with Luke. I try to imagine how I would do it with Abigail and I don't have an idea how it would work. Good kuck!!

diana said...

Well it is slightly easier because he can walk but then he can walk...and get into everything. =) Never easy.

Anonymous said...

Man I wish I were there! I'd come over everyday to play with him and get him to naps :(. Hang in there!

diana said...

M - As if you don't have your hands full already! But I appreciate it! So many times I wish you were still our neighbor!