Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Luke - the big TWO

It really feels like I just did a post for Luke turning one and now here we are with a two year old!  Since I spent pretty much every day with him it can be hard to see him growing but then we also spend almost all his waking hours together so I see pretty much everything he does and hear every word he says.  He seemed like such a big boy when he turned one but then I look at this:

Yep.  Our boy has done a little bit of growing over the last 12 months.  And a little bit of hair growing (enough to warrant two haircuts and Dad is threatening a third!).  We had been working on saying "two" and showing two fingers for a while and when he woke up and we asked how old he was it was immediately "TWO!".  Our boy has grown up.

Luke and I were hit with a flu/stomach bug right before his birthday which pushed back our celebrating a little.  Luckily, there was no puke on his birthday!  Just the two days before and the day after (in the middle of his party, Luke has great timing).  The plus side of all that sickness was that we got a WONDERFUL family day at home for his birthday, despite our weak stomachs and my fever.  We spent the day playing with his presents and just hanging out.  It was not what we had planned but it turned out wonderful all the same.

We couldn't quite stomach cake on his birthday (plus I hadn't finished assembling them) but Luke and Daddy had some birthday ice cream which might have been even better for Luke.  Ice cream = "mess. yummy".  He's a smart one. =)

The day after his birthday, when we were about 48 hours puke free, we had a small party for grandparents and his godmother (godfather was at college).  Luke LOVED having so many of his favorite people over to celebrate his birthday.  He was ecstatic to play with "cousins", eat something besides crackers (which we later regretted), and get some birthday cake.

This was his reaction to every gift he opened which was hilarious and adorable. 

He actually knows what presents are this year and opened them all on his own.  Quite the change from last year when he mostly didn't care at all.

I had made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes which are as amazing as they sound (my sister even declared them "puke worthy".  They gave us the bug; I don't feel bad.).  I had the components mostly done before I was sick and had them assembled pretty easy once we were healthy(ish), besides Luke thinking he could snack on them while I was doing the filling (we saw those parts again).  And cheesecake cupcakes which I also hear were good but I have yet to have one (of this batch, these have become one of my easy party standards).  We had real food too but obviously the cupcakes are the most important part. 

As for our now big two year old...he runs and tries to jump (getting off the ground occasionally!).   He talks constantly.  All the time.  Not many sentences (his favorite is "I want....") but a lot of words.  He remembers so much and tells me about things that happened months and months ago.  I often feel like he's just playing a very long word association game because one word leads to another which leads to another and we jump from popcorn to puppies to the lake to the bath to a piano and Grandpa's tractor and so on and so on.

He loves being outside, going for walks, being in the backyard, and waving to our neighbors (watching for them from the front porch is one of his current favorite activities.  They are a retired couple and very good at waving back).  Lemur still comes downstairs with us most mornings, watching Luke eat breakfast, going for rides in the Cozy Coupe, or just watching from his chair.  We've cut out his bedtime milk but he's still in his baby tub (it saves so much water!  And tub cleaning!  And he doesn't seem to care so we're keeping that going.).  He thinks water is about the greatest beverage in the world (also keeping that going as long as possible).  He's a wonderful sleeper (~11 hours at night and about a daily 1.5 hour nap with very few exceptions).  He's not a good eater, we call most meat chicken so he'll touch it.  He'll love a food one day and hate it the next.  I think that's called being a toddler.  But we try.  And he LOVES his sweets (which we generally limit but Easter kinda screwed all that up).

He gives me multiple hugs a day and says "love you" even more.  He still wants to cuddle with Mom when he gets hurt or tired but he calls for Daddy as soon as he wakes up every morning.  Playing in the basement while Daddy works is one of the best things ever.  He's leery around strangers but has gotten very comfortable with most of our families, rarely fussing when we leave him with sitters.

For the most part he is a wonderful, happy, silly, little boy.  We get tantrums and fits and are still working on saying yes to sharing and no to hitting but his good behavior far our numbers the bad.   I love spending my days with him and watching him learn new words and figure things out.  Every day seems to bring something new!

Today, April 7th, marks two years since we first met him and two years since we were told we'd be his parents.  That day was one of the most emotional of my life.  Seeing him for the first time (we hadn't even seen a picture before we met him in the NICU), holding him for the first time.  I'll never forget the hour we spent in the hospital parking lot calling our parents and all 14 siblings, telling them that we got a baby.  I don't think I've ever cried on the phone so much (like, every call I made).  It was wonderful.  When we started the adoption journey we had no idea what God had in store for us.  When we got that text in New York we had no idea.  We'll never know what the future holds but looking at the evidence of our answered prayers on a very daily basis makes it so much easier to trust.  We couldn't have imagined a more perfect son and every day thank God and his birth mother for putting him in our lives.  No thank you will ever be enough.

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