Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dingle to Cobh

Currently in Cobh (pronounced "cove") which is on the southern coast, in County Cork. Came here mainly because, I believe, this is where the Delaneys left Ireland for the US. And it's where the Titanic had its last port, 3 days before the iceberg. Apparently (from the museum displays) this is where a lot of Irish emigrants left from, especially during the potato famine. Before today I hadn't realized how bad the famine was (bad). So yes, lots of history here.

The drive was pretty easy until the last mileish (not so European today, E). Driving through these crazy small towns is not Matt's favorite, especially when we need to find parking on the street. We drove down a hill that was steeper than some roller coasters I've been on.

Been walking around town, it's cute. These little towns are so colorful. The bank here is purple, like real purple. I like all the colors. US needs to get on board with that.

Tonight is the halfway point in our Ireland trip. With this trip coming to a close, we're not quite ready to go home although there are certain things we really miss (our sleep fan, driving normally...). I'll really like not packing up every day and it'll be nice when everything isn't strange anymore. Still, been planning this trip kinda for 14 months and hard core the last 4. I don't know what I'll do with my time now!!

Pictures: oops, really bad about it today (unless you want to see every meal I've eaten). Cobh harbor, door in Dingle, and all our leftover silverwear at the end of supper at a nice restaurant tonight (that's 5 forks, 5 knives, and 2 spoons).


Erin Sherburne said...

well it is a relief that you haven't totally become European ;-)

diana said...

I did just have a nice "cuppa" to take off the chill from the rain though...