House Projects
Summer 2014: We spent 6 weeks completely remodeling our only bathroom.  Only toilet.  Only shower.  Almost everything was replaced - all the way down to some studs and subfloor.  All the fixtures (tub, toilet, sink) were moved.  The only things that weren't replaced were towels, the shower curtain, and Luke's bath toys.  It was exhausting and long and, having lived through it, I wouldn't recommend remodeling your only bathroom BUT the end result has us convinced it was worth it.  Read all the posts about it here.
Fall 2011: After 5+ years at our house and living with black (chalkboard) kitchen walls, we decided to do a small update.  This was one of our smaller home projects, just taking a few weekends instead of hundreds of house but the result was still a big improvement to a very used part of our house.  It was such a small project it only got one post!  Kitchen Project

Fall 2010: When we bought our house we said the first project we were going to do was tearing down the paneling in the stairs.  Almost 5 years later we finally got to it.  It was horrendously messy and more complicated than we thought when we started but the end result was So. Much. Better.  Stairs Unpaneling.

Summer 2010: It was our turn to take on a project at the family lake cottage.  Others had recently overseen the remodel of the bathroom and front porch and so we, after a lot of family discussion, took on the main room.  The cottage is old - built in the 50s or 60s and has been through a lot vacationing over the years.  We knocked out a lot of work in 9 days and I'm still pretty amazed by the transformation.  But not enough to ever want to do it again.  Lake Remodel.

Fall 2009:  I semi-randomly decided I needed bamboo floors in my office to replace the really dark carpet that was there.  Never mind that we had hardwoods under the carpet, still don't know how I convinced Matt to let me cover those.  And my "let" I mean, make the decision and pick the bamboo but "supervise" him and his nephews doing all the work.  Bamboo in progress | Bamboo done!

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