About Me

Hey there!  I'm glad you found me.  I'm Diana!

I am a wife (to one), mother (to one), daughter (to two), sister (to five), sister-in-law (to twenty-two), aunt (to 45).  Besides having a huge family (and marrying into a bigger one), I'm an avid reader, 
homebody, traveler, and aspiring minimalist (although, maybe not aspiring too hard).

We adopted our son straight from the hospital.  Adoption is not how we may have intended to grow our family but we know it's how God intended us to.  Before coming a mother, I spent 8 years in public accounting which gave me plenty of knowledge about taxes and bookkeeping, both of which I use a tiny bit now (hello, adoption tax credit). 

I love Jesus, my boys, our giant families, reading a good book on my porch, seeing the world (or at least the US, as the one-income budget currently allows), doing family bike rides (bonus points if they are to the library and/or food), simplifying, tea, sewing, baking things with too many calories, running (although, mostly being done running), making my house prettier, trying to take better pictures, and recycling.  I admit to judging books (real books) by their cover and buying wine by the color of the bottle.

Things I love:
-the color blue
-dark chocolate
-reading in the sun
-fresh blueberries
-going to the drive-in
-The Sound of Music
-Friends, The OC, and Cougar Town
-mashed potatoes

-New York City

A few personal posts: {25} Things About Me | If I Could Write a Letter to Me... | Honest Truths

I've loved my husband for 15 years, been married to him for 11.  He's an incredible father, hard worker, and a pretty great husband too.  He isn't always so enthusiastic about all my crazy home ideas/projects/the long list of things I want him to build for me (rather handy that woodworking is one of his hobbies) but he'll usually help me anyways.  And he basically built our whole bathroom himself so he's pretty handy to have around. 

Here is where I write about reading, time management, various kinds of DIYing, baking, simplifying, being frugal, organizing, decorating, adoption, decorating, sewing, and my (very slight) obsession with pineapples and flamingos.     

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find a good book or something to make your days easier or prettier!

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Victoria said...

You know when you run across a new blog and can't pull yourself away and then keep reading about the person behind the blog and just keep thinking "No way!!! Me too!!!!"? Well....That's happening to me right now as I click around your blog!!!

So...Hi! I know you don't know me since I'm the one stalker-clicking through your blog....but, it's been fun to meet you this morning!