Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm declaring the basement clean-up done

After almost 3 months I am declaring the basement clean-up done.  I missed my self-imposed end of summer deadline but I went through more boxes than originally planned and got things more organized.  And I was really done 2 weeks ago but needed our recycle picked up to clear out more empty boxes in the basement.  Some days I'd spend a few hours down there, mostly during Luke's second nap.  Some days it was only 30 minutes, some days not at all (that was mostly weekends).

This is how it ended up:


after (the pink crate and all the binders between that and the paper box are just empty folders, notebooks, and binders)

after (nothing there!)
This is my favorite view because it is where my sorting mess was spread out for 2 months.  Now it's all clear!!

There are still quite a few boxes, in another few years I could probably go through them all again and find more things to get rid of.  But, for now, I feel a lot better about how it is looking.  It's the most organized it's ever been (even made detailed labels for most boxes!) and it's the more pared down.

Some gems I found...

One of my favorite finds; I think my sisters & I got these flashing lights in the commercial tent at the 4-H fair.  A day or two after I came across this in the basement Matt was telling me how he wanted a flashing light to put on his bike but they were $15 at Target.  I immediately got really excited and told him "I HAVE ONE!!" and brought this baby up.  It is now on Matt's bike.  I LOVE finding uses for things formerly boxed up in the basement.
My locker backpack I had in 2nd grade.  Felt like the coolest kid in school with this.  The zipper broke years ago though so it's now in the trash.
My penny necklace from senior year marching band.  One of my favorite high school mementos. 
Me, age 3.  I just thought this was adorable.

My Burger King Backstreet Boy toys.  Definitely kept these. 
I got this ruler as a part of a little school kit from our Pohlman family Christmas exchange around the age of 10.  It's been my mental guide for what 6 inches is ever since.
Check out this picture from my 9th birthday (1992)....

I still have it all!!  The shirt is significant because I had to pay for half of it myself (total price $6).  I've kept all this although the sand art is still questionable since there is sticky stuff on the ziploc. 
I didn't keep the headband in the 9 year old picture but I do have this one I made for 4-H when I was 10 or 11.  Definitely been wearing this one since too. 
Remember Print Shop on the old Apple computers?  Oh yeah....that was a great program.  I found this vintage banner in a box and had to use it to celebrate our 30ths.  I finished coloring it and want it laminated now.  I don't know why there is a bunny on best guess is that I made it for my Dad's or sister's birthday (both around Easter).  I could cut it off but I like the randomness of it. =)

This little gaget went in the trash since it doesn't work but I found the way it opened to be fascinating.  Ahhh...pre-smart phone tech.

I recycled a lot, trashed a lot, made a Goodwill donation, added to my garage sale box, sold a crate of books at Half Priced Books (made $8!) and integrated some things into our daily lives.  There are some things I pulled out for Luke in a few years too which I am super excited about.

I finished by sweeping all the floors, vacuuming between the rafters and cleaning up the random basement clutter.  It feels good to have the space so clean.

I dreaded this project and put it off for months but I am really glad I finally did it.  I no longer feel burdened by the basement mess (and there isn't even a mess).  I find myself wanting to spend time down there just because it still amazes me at how much better it looks.  Matt still need to reorganize his workbench and computer parts but he claims he is waiting for a tool box to do that.  Regardless, my part is done and I'm feeling A LOT better.

The purging bug is contagious and I keep finding things all over the house to add to the garage sale/Goodwill box.  It really feels good to have less stuff.


Erin Heckber said...

Hey I am starting this process! Well i guess it is more still unpacking but I hope to have by basement clean like yours eventually!

Looks great! I totally remember that flashing light. We were so excited about it! and that calculator too! Your video made me laugh!

diana said...

It took me 7 years of living here to get a basement this clean (and I didn't post pictures of Matt's parts...) but think, the more you get rid of now the less you have to move next time!!

Haha, thanks. I seriously watch that video still mesmerized by it.

Lauren said...

I want your Beauty and the beast tshirt!!! Also, if you're bored now, I have a basement FULL of crap! lol!

Diana said...

Matt thinks it should go in the trash. I strongly disagree. =)

I'm really good at going through other people's stuff since I have no attachment to it!! Haha.