Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why I blog

That's actually a question I ask myself on a fairly regular basis.  I originally started this many years ago as a way to keep family and friends up to date with our future children.  Then when we finally shared it with people it was to keep everyone informed about our adoption progress.  Slowly over the last 2 years it's turned into a place where I write about projects (mostly), Luke (a lot), and my Target shopping (more than anyone probably cares about).

I read a decent amount of other blogs, although I don't have the time for them that I did when I sat on the couch 3-4 times a day to feed Luke a bottle.  I am inspired by seeing what others create, bake, and decorate.  The blogging world is kinda a weird place and I don't really know my place in it.  I probably shouldn't over think it but I do because that's what I do.  I try to plan out my posts but then things change, project progress doesn't happen, and there are many nights I am wondering what the heck I'll write about (I could probably pick those posts out easily).  My blogging intentions are much greater than my blogging progress.

In the past few weeks 4 blogs I read regularly have posted about reducing their schedule which really got me thinking about my schedule (I doubt anyone realizes it but I do try to have a schedule).  I've thought about making a more public blog, less about Luke, more about projects & baking but I never seem to have the time to get it formatted how I'd like. (I don't even have time I format this one how I'd like.)

I've thought more than once about quitting but then never do because, even if nobody else is reading this (but I know people are), I like looking back and seeing what we did, make, baked, etc.  I wanted to be a writer for many years growing up and I like having a writing outlet.  It's nice to put something out there since so much of my time is spent in our house.

Does it really matter what I have to say?  Probably not, in the grand scheme of things.  But I realized there are some things I am passionate about (outside my husband, baby, family, etc.).  Things like simplifying, being green, and DIYing.  I'd like to inspire people and share what little I've learned about those things.  And I like sharing about our family's adventures.  Since this is more public than Facebook (no way to protect it) I don't know why I share more here than there.  That doesn't really make sense. 

I know nothing I post is original (is anything anymore?) but this blog post that I shared a few weeks ago made me feel better about that.  I know what I post about is probably in 1,000,000 other blogs with just different pictures and kids.  And I'm ok with that. 

So, I keep blogging, even when things don't go as planned and posts don't come together.  We've actually been working on a lot of projects lately (and finishing them!) so I have a lot to write about...just need to find the time! 


Lauren said...

I don't know about anyone else but I really enjoy reading about your baking and crafty projects, and about Luke of course. :-D

diana said...

Haha, well I'm glad!