Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Usually 3 day weekends mean some time to relax and, in the summer, some substantial time at the lake.  Not so with this weekend.  We were on the go pretty much the whole weekend but we were able to spend time with many of my favorite people and trying to cram the last bit of fun into the end of summer certainly isn't a bad thing.

Started the weekend off with our 3rd TinCaps game of the week, this one with free food and beer for Matt's work company picnic.  In 4 nights we went to three games, only paid for one set of tickets, parking twice and got a free meal, free beers, free stuffed animal for Luke, free game ball, and free fries.  I'd say we made out.  BUT since this was our 3rd game of the week we didn't stay long, don't even think we lasted the first inning.  Straight to the lake from there where were took a walk to the water and then got Luke down fairly easily.  Lake trips are sooooo much more enjoyable now that he sleeps!!  More of Matt's family showed up throughout the evening and we had a really fun night with margaritas around the fire. 

Total time in the car: 90 minutes


Thanks to Luke, we woke up rather early (7:40) which wasn't our preferred time but we all survived.  Took the jet ski out which kept baby happy and gave us some actual lake time on our very quick time up there.  We headed home (14 hours after arriving) for about 90 minutes - just enough time to eat, shower, change and head to Ohio for my cousin's wedding.  It was a really nice ceremony and wonderful reception.  Most of my cousins were there and it's always nice to be together.  The 18 great grandkids were all together for the first time and we got a picture with Grandpa.  With 10 kids 18 months and under it would be impossible to take one of just him and all those kids so most of us parents stepped in too.  By my count we are still missing around 18 cousins/in-laws.  LOVE big families! =)

This was only our second big family gathering since Grandma's funeral and it's still strange to not have her there.  I had a hard time just seeing her name on the back of the wedding program, especially seeing it in the same church we had her funeral mass.  At my sister's wedding a year ago I ran into my Grandma in the restroom and she noticed that my toes were painted to match my navy blue bridesmaid dress.  It's a small thing but a special little memory with her.  Every time I used the restroom at this wedding I thought about that time and it made me a little teary.  Then when I was walking with Grandpa for the big great-grandkid picture he commented on my toes - how they are once again blue and matched my dress (which was kinda unintentional, I just like blue).  It's a silly little thing but it felt like it was coming from Grandma. 

Total time in the car: 3.5 hours

This was the closest we had to a relax day but still busy.  Mass, Matt went with Luke to his parents' while I made a side to take to my parents.  With my Indy sisters in town my Dad was grilling out and we were all together again.  Dad had to give us a little eye scare (he was already scheduled for eye surgery next month, prayers appreciated) but we still all ate ribs as planned.  Luke grabbed mine off my plate even and chowed down.  That kid and his weird eating. 

With 2 late nights and a few missed naps, Luke slept from 4-6 once we were home - that never happens!  Matt and I had orange julius and watched some Parks & Rec.  This was our relax time for the weekend.  And then I mixed up 2 dozen cupcakes and a two layer cake for him to take into work. 

Total time in the car: 30 minutes

A long day but one of my favorite fall days (even if it was techinically summer).  I've visited college friends in the Dayton/Cincinnati area 3 falls in a row now and a day I always look forward to.  I also just like being back in that part of the country.  I realized that with color guard competitions, my cousin's wedding, 4 years of college, Kings Island trips, and these post college visits, I have memories in that part of Ohio with almost every significant person in my life for the last 15 years.  Crazy. 

We, of course, went to IKEA, a must whenever we are down there.  Since we were buying some furniture we took full advantage of their "spend $100 get free food" deal.  Definitely spent double what we would have in the cafeteria than if we had to pay!  The picture on the bottom left is this oatmeal chocolate energy ball thing I had.  It looked less than appetizing on the inside but was still edible. 

We also spent some time with old college friends - people I've known longer than Matt.  Crazy to think it's been just over 13 years since we met in Stuart Hall and I'm so proud and amazed we've been able to keep up a friendship, especially over the distance.

Total time in the car: 6 hours

That was our Labor Day weekend of barely sleeping, barely being home, taking advantage of free drinks not once or twice, but three times, and seeing too many wonderful people to count.

Total time in the car: 11.5 hours. 

Worth it.

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