Monday, September 29, 2014

Things I Like - September

1) silicone muffin cups

I eat a muffin for morning snack most days.  I also like to bake cupcakes for birthdays (which seems to be frequently lately).  This means I go through a lot of paper liners.  They are cheap (I buy holiday ones on clearance) and small but still a waste to toss every day.  While at IKEA recently I saw a 20 pack of the reusable silicone liners and figured I should finally give them a try.  And they are awesome.  I still use paper liners often, when I make cupcakes to share or when these 20 are in use, but it still cuts back on what we are throwing away.  My muffins come out of the silicone liners so much easier than paper ones too.  They are easy to wash and easy to use.  I can't find them on IKEA's website but I think it was about $8 for 20.  I will definitely be getting more. 

2) Mad Love Lydia Loafer

This seems to be the time of year I buy flats, usually summer ones on clearance.  I bought these in green (which are no longer available on their website) and they are a very comfortable!  It's nice to have different color options besides white/grey/black.  Kinda a bummer to get new shoes right before surgery since only one might get use for awhile but still exciting to get shoes for less than $10.

Buying two pairs of shoes on the same order totally counts as a shoe buying kick for me.  Before these I don't know that I had bought any shoes since last fall.  I had really been looking for some yellow flats to wear with a navy sweater.  I couldn't find anything like what I had in mind though.  Then, while browsing Target's clearance shoes, I came across these pink ones and decided they would do too.  They also super comfortable and super cute.  And, woah, a whole $17.  But I'm pretty excited to wear them out of the house.

4) Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

I wouldn't say we are in survival mode but I am always looking for ways to improve our home processes and be more efficient.  Some of the things in this book don't apply to us but more does than I expected.  We are good at being frugal, but don't really do it with any real financial goals in mind.  We aim to get to bed earlier and sleep more but don't really have a set plan in place.  This book gave me a lot to think about in terms of ways to improve our lives by taking little steps at a time.  I would recommend it if you feel your home life could use some improvement.

5) Mossimo long sleeved boyfriend tee 
Sometimes I feel weird that most clothes I write about are from Target.  But it really is the place I shop the most.  If I can't pick up a shirt quick while getting some groceries on the same stop, it's probably not going to happen (unless Kohls sends us a $10 gift for not doing anything...we're really good about using those and only spending a few dollars of our own money.  We've gotten 3 from them in about a month.). 

I think this is a perfect long sleeved shirt.  Super comfortable, perfect thickness, perfect length.  I have a few of them, and another on my Christmas list.  These will be getting frequent wear this fall, either with yoga pants (all I've worn since surgery besides church & work) or jeans, if I actually leave the house (really doubtful).

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