Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things I like - November

1) The Pink Suit

As I mentioned before, I did a lot of reading while laid up.  Last month a shared my five favorite non-fiction books I read but I still have a few more I really enjoyed.  One of the (only) bad parts about walking again is that I don't get as much time to read. =(  (I've only read 8 books in the 3 weeks I've been walking...slacking a little). 

In the past year-ish I've read multiple books that tell a fictionalized story of some real event.   (The Aviator's Wife, The Astronaut Wives Club, A Star for Mrs. Blake, The Ladies of Los Alamos all come to mind.)  This book is the (fictional but based on a real person) story of the seamstress who sewed Jackie Kennedy's pink suit (an article of clothing so famous is has it's own Wikipedia page).  Mrs. Kennedy had many of her clothing items copied from European designers (in this case Chanel) but made in the US to avoid people complaining.  The story of how a suit was made doesn't sound that interesting, I know.  But it was fascinating to read about the 60s in New York, working for the First Lady and all that entailed.  I'd recomend if you are interested in American history and/or fashion. 

2) Paris Letters

I've read quite a few memoirs of people who quit their American lives and moved to Paris (short list: Lunch in Paris; Paris in Love; Paris, My Sweet).  This one might be my favorite.  It's the story of an American woman who was frustrated with her boring job in California so set the goal of saving enough to spend a few months overseas.  She went through figuring out how much money she would need, worked on massively reducing her possessions, and ways to make extra money.  In about a year she was able to do it and then ended up in Paris indefinitely.  While there she had to support herself so she started painting these watercolors, wrote a letter with it, and sent them to subscribers (something she still does here). 

I loved the simplifying parts in the beginning and the life in Paris parts in the rest of the book.  I have a bit of a fascination with the city since our super quick visit 2 years ago (and really, probably since French class in high school).  I'd recomend to anyone with an interesting in Paris or even just traveling.

3) Saving Mr. Banks

Besides reading a lot, while laid up I also had a list of movies I had been wanting to see (I think it was around five...).  I watched the library listing many weeks before I finally was able to get this one.  And it was adorable.  It's the story of Walt Disney trying to make the Mary Poppins movie with the not so helpful author, P.L. Travers.  The story is told through the "present day" movie making with flashbacks to Ms. Travers childhood showing where parts of her story were inspired.  It was really well done and maybe made me choke up a little.  It was a really fun, cut movie. 

4) Putting Me Together

This is my new favorite blog.  I read a few home blogs, some food ones, some about Christian/Catholic living, and a few lifestyle but no fashion ones.  I could only ever find ones about higher fashion, not for regular people who primarily shop at Target.  Then I found this one and it's turned in my favorite naptime relax time (when I have a little extra time between doing things that should be done while Luke is sleeping).  The author, Audrey, mostly shops at the same stores as me, a lot of Target and Old Navy.  Affordable stuff.  And she doesn't just show outfits but explains different things about putting outfits together.  It's been very educational and eye-opening.  Reading her blog has lead to massive closet cleaning (6 days in a row I kept pulling more and more out) and maybe most of my Christmas list turning into clothes.  I don't have a lot to spend on clothes/shoes/accessories and this has made me more conscious of using the money I have well.  I was reading it when I should have been writing this post a little bit ago. 

5) Merona chevron infinity scarf

I have to include at least one thing I bought at Target, come on.  =)  This scarf is amazing.  It's long and warm and I might never take it off (I'm wearing it as I type this and it's 19° outside).  I have some scarves and now that I'm actually figuring out what to do with them (see #4) I've been wearing them more.  Especially this one.  Sometimes I wear it with my coat outside and sometimes just as part of an outfit inside.  It's super soft and so comfortable.  I watched it for a few weeks, waiting for a sale, before I finally ordered it.  And I loved it.  My favorite clothing purchase in awhile!


Lauren said...

Ooh I might have to see this scarf in person. I bet I could mimic the stitch and make one by myself! haha

diana said...

You probably could! I thought that when I got it...that if I could knit at least decently well (I can't at all) that I could make it. But I'll gladly show you if you want to try!!