Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Looking back at November

1) Mine and Luke's triumphant return to Target, once I was walking again.  We got Jamba Juice our last trip together pre-surgery so we had to get it again our first trip back.  Luke did not like sharing my drink with me.
2) Little man "helping" rake leaves on one of a few really nice November days!
3) Ran into (almost literally) Daddy while having lunch out with my Dad and sister after our annual Chrsitmas shopping trip. We had no idea Daddy would be at the same restaurant for Rad Tech week! 
4) Another beautiful fall day, got a bike ride in!  Matt hung mine up in September, thinking my biking days were over for the year.  Glad we got one more in! Not the first time I've biked in the boot.
5) Happy little boy waiting patiently for lunch. 
6) My little baking buddy.  He loves when he actually gets to help!
7) Happy little superhero.  He finds the mixer almost as exciting as Daddy's drill!
8) Matt took Luke to his brother's house to work on some computer so I had a quiet afternoon to cut out cookies and listen to Christmas music.  It was wonderful.
9) Luke's version of decorating cookies mostly consisted of eating them.
10) Two and a half week off crutches and finally outside in two shoes for the first time.  Exactly two months to the day since surgery.  Still have pain, still missing muscle, still not a lot of flexibility but considering how much it hurt to walk initially, I've come a long way!  Also, I love walking.
11) Luke loves apples.  We had some in a fruit bowl for awhile and one of his favorite snacks was to push up a chair and help himself to an apple.  He would usually eat about half before leaving it for me to finish. 
12) Evening story time with Daddy and some stuffed animals.
13) Intently coloring.  Matt pointed out that he holds a crayon more right than I do. (My freshman year religion teacher said I held a pencil like I was about ready to stab someone with it.)
14) Beautiful sunset from our backyard.
15) Annual Night of Lights downtown.  Luke hated it less than last year! (There was no screaming, just very little happy emotion.)
16) My annual post-Night of Lights tradition: watching The Family Stone while addressing my Christmas cards.  I love it.

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