Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beast of a Blanket

I've mentioned a few times that I am frequently (always) cold in the winter.  Any excuse to wrap up in a blanket or sit in front of a space heater, I will take.  Conveniently, I was also thinking we needed some sort of throw blanket to put over the back of the couch.  Naturally, I decided I could make such a thing much cheaper than buying one.  (That may not have actually worked...pretty sure this was just as much as anything I would have bought.)  So, off to Jo-Anns I went. 

I had initially thought of something plaid, like I had used to make scarves but I wasn't struck by any of the patterns and that wouldn't have been very warm anyways.  Then Luke and I wandered over to the fleece which, as almost always, was on sale.  I picked out this sweater-pattern-ish one and bought 2 yards, thinking I'd double fold over the ends so the raw edges would be hidden (ala these blankets).

I brought my huge piece of fabric home and promptly put it over the back of the couch.  I used it as a blanket on and off for a few days, not getting around to pinning and sewing anything yet.  Then, I had the HUGE revelation that adding a second layer of fleece would make it twice as warm.  And that sounded easier than just double folding over the edges.  So back to Jo-Anns it was to pick out another 2 yards of fleece, still on sale.  I really considered red because I use that as an accent color as Christmas but my blue-loving heart just couldn't do it.  I bought navy which I think was the better choice. 

Brought that home and washed all 4 yards of fabric.  Now it was time to make a massive blanket.  I took absolutely zero pictures of this process but it was super, duper easy: 

Laid my two fabrics on top of each other on the floor with the correct sides facing each other. 

Trimmed so the edges matched up (but didn't square up the corners because I just didn't care that much). 

Pinned the heck out of it. 

Sewed with about a 1" seam allowance, leaving about 1 foot opening. 

Turned it right side out.

Pinned the opening shut. 

Sewed around the entire edge with about a ¾" seam allowance. 


(The exact same method I use on burb cloths, just with a larger opening.)

It was a lot of fabric to maneuver through and around my sewing machine and I broke a needle (into THREE pieces!!) while doing so but it was also pretty quick to sew up.  Now I have a super warm blanket that looks nice enough to throw over the back of the couch.  I think I've used it every day since I finished it and it's big enough for Matt & I to share if we are watching a movie together. 

I've made the fleece tie blankets and Luke sleeps under one every night (until he kicks it off) but for our main living space I like the cleaner edges of this one.  And, really, it may have taken the same amount of time to make as tying all those knots! 

I am super pleased with my massively huge and massively warm blanket.  It's where you will find me reading during quiet time or watching tv with Matt in the evenings.  And I'm finally, mostly, warm.  

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