Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking Back at February

This was a strange February in the fact that we had little snow and the weather was pretty mild.  I would have been more ok with this when I was working and stressed about driving in the snow on the regular.  Now that I mostly stay home (or have more control over when I have to leave the house) and a little boy who's been asking for snow and sledding and building snowmen and shoveling...I wish we would have had more!  I may regret saying that if we get nailed again next winter.

1) We drink normal canned pop (occasionally) too but really, bottled is the way to go.  It's just way better this way.
2) My silly silly boy with his "baby orange".
3) All bundled up for the beginning of a  long, cold, car ride.
4) Luke was thrilled anytime there was enough snow to "shovel".  He was much more enthusiastic about it than me!
5) He calls our trash can his "special table" and insists on eating part of his lunch there every day.
6) Wearing his super cape to walk to the library (there is a coat under there).  He did it once so now he has to do it every time.
7) First porch sitting of the year!  The next many are all from a freakishly warm (almost 70°!) weekend in mid-February.
8) It was warm enough to spray paint!  In February!  Although windy.
9) First family bike ride of the year!  Luke was thrilled!
10) Family bike ride down town!  So looking forward to when it's warm enough to do these every week!
11) Luke was also thrilled to eat outside.  This is crazy for February!
12) Reading on the porch again.  I have a lot of pictures like this.  Be glad I'm only sharing two!
13) Caped Puppy and Luke enjoying a snack and some Daniel Tiger.
14) We got out shorts for when Luke had a high fever in January and they never got put back in the attic.  He now insists on wearing them most days.  This was him dressed up for "work" but also wearing shorts.  I LOVE this kind of stuff.  Hilarious what he comes up with.
15) Park day in February!  Coat & hat needed but we didn't freeze!
16) And park again two days later!  He insisted on the glasses.  It was hilarious and adorable.

Books finished: 17...not sure how that happened (28 for the year)
Things added to the garage sale pile: 63
Things sewn: 1, if you count my tests when learning how to use my sewing machine...
Things crafted: 0

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