Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{10} Years of Marriage: Lesson Eight

ENJOY those "before we had kids..." years.  FULLY.  You won't ever really get those back, and you won't want them once you've had kids.  And no matter how much you love the little stinkers, you will still miss sleeping in, not worrying about nap time, and nobody having breakdowns at Target.  Babies not coming when you had planned?  I get that, completely.  But still enjoy those years, despite the problems.  We went on 7 vacations between starting to try and getting Luke.  We did some big house projects.  We jumped out of a plane (for the second time).  We bought our current jet ski.  We went skiing.  We stayed up late and slept in.  Did we ache for kids?  Most definitely.  But try to enjoy those last times without them.  And if you have a baby by your first anniversary?  Well enjoy those few months, although maybe avoid the plane jumping. 

Ten days of things we've learned in our first {10} years of marriage, in honor of our upcoming 10th anniversary.  How have we been married (almost) a whole decade already???

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