Thursday, May 5, 2016

{10} Years of Marriage: Lesson Three

Know when you are mad at your spouse or when you are mad at a different situation and don't take the later out on the former.  Bad day at work?  Sure be a little grumpy for a bit but it's no excuse for snapping at each other.  Kid wake up wet from his nap, again?  Yeah, that sucks but don't be mad at your spouse for it (I'm not necessarily saying you should take it out on your kid either.)  There are a million things outside of each other than can put us in a bad mood but don't let it affect us.  It took us waaaay too many years to get this figured out. 

Ten days of things we've learned in our first {10} years of marriage, in honor of our upcoming 10th anniversary.  How have we been married (almost) a whole decade already???

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