Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Disqus: a Quick How-to

I have been using Disqus for my blog comments for a few years now because I much prefer it to the standard Blogger comments.  I prefer it on blogs I read and I prefer it here.  With a Disqus profile you get an e-mail notification for any replies to your comment.  If I comment on another blog, I like knowing the author, or another reader, has replied and what they said.  I rarely remember to go back and check for a reply otherwise.   

Disqus is used in many places across the internet from blogs to even our local news station website.  Many of the blogs I most comment on use it and it's so nice not having to enter my name, e-mail, and website every time I want to say something.  I'm actually more inclined to comment if it's Disqus than just the standard comment box.  I like knowing if someone else said something.  I try to respond to every comment I get and I don't expect anyone to reply to my reply but I figure it's nice if they at least can read it.  I like knowing the same when I'm on other blogs.

So, that's why I use it here.  The same reason we did assigned tables at our wedding receptions (because I so much prefer that when I attend other receptions).  But I have had a few people tell me in the last few weeks that they can't figure out how to comment on my blog.  So I am trying to fix that.  Because I like getting comments; it makes it feel less like I am talking to a blank wall.

There are two ways:

1) Make a Disqus profile.  
I signed up with my e-mail, not any of the other options shown, and my computer and phone both keep me logged in.  It's really easy, just name, e-mail, and make a password.  Then you will get an e-mail notification of any replies and they will also show as a notification anywhere you see the Disqus box (see the red (1) above).  You'll also get the red numbered notification for any "up votes" to your comments.

2) Comment as a Guest
You can comment without making a profile but you might have to enter your name and e-mail every time (I haven't played with it enough to know).   To do this: click the "Or sign up with Disqus" and you'll get an expanded screen:

Then you can just enter your name and e-mail and check the "I'd rather post as a guest" box and your comment will post BUT you won't get notifications to any replies (per my test earlier today).  But you can still comment and I can see your e-mail address on my end so I could get a hold of you, if needed.

That's it!  Please let me know if you have any more questions/problems/concerns!  If Disqus still isn't working for you please e-mail me superstar5622 @ gmail .com  (no spaces).  (I will get a good blog e-mail...at some point...)

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