Friday, December 16, 2016

{5} Recent(ish) Star Wars Purchases

There is a new Star Wars movie coming out today which Matt and I definitely plan to see in the theater.  We haven't seen a movie in a non-drive-in theater since...the last Star Wars movie.  We might know what we like.  In  honor of that.  A list of a few more Star Wars things that are taking over our house.  It's like that movie invented merchandising or something (it did) and they're good at it (they are). 

1) Galactic Heroes

These are the one thing we "let" Luke collect and pretty much the only Star Wars thing we buy besides book.  I say that at the beginning of a list of Star Wars things we own...maybe the only Star Wars toys we buy would be better.  Luke has gotten almost all of the above over the last year besides the Poe & X-Wing (Christmas this year...I'd tell you not to tell him...but he already saw it in our poor hiding place) and the Poe & BB-8 which will be his next sticker chart prize.  He was so excited when he opened Rey "Thank you, Mommy and Daddy.  I love Rey!  Thank you!".  It's adorable.  He has a decent collection going and plays with them a lot.  And Matt and I might get as excited for new ones as he does (I stalked Amazon daily for months before I found, and immediately ordered, Rey, Finn, and Poe!)

2) BB-8 Lunchbox (insulated)

I'm usually pretty good about saying no to whatever Luke is asking for when we are out shopping.  Usually.  Then one time at Target we made the mistake of looking at clearance items and found this BB-8 lunchbox for 70% off, around $5. came home with us.  BUT in exchange for putting a toy I really didn't like in the garage sale pile so I consider this well worth the $5.  It's currently storing some Hot Wheels and a Spiderman figure.  Important stuff.

3) Another BB-8 Lunchbox (metal)

Ok, this one....I realize I'VE bought almost everything on this list yet I'd consider Matt & Luke the bigger fans....  I wanted to buy one of these for Luke when we were in Holland on a bit of a parental guilt buying spree but it was like $9 and Matt talked me out of it.  THEN I found it on Hollar for $4 a few weeks ago and bought that baby up.  It's going to be a Valentine's Day present for Luke, as a bigger box to store all of his "guys" (Galactic Heroes).  They are currently in a Luke Skywalker lunchbox he got last Valentine's Day that is quickly getting to be too small.  So, totally reasonable purchase.

4)  Stuffed BB-8

We might have a weakness for BB-8, ok?  He is the cutest.  This was one of Luke's souvenirs from New York, bought at the Times Square Disney store about an hour before we left town.  Did Luke need another stuffed animal?  No.  Did he need another Star Wars stuffed animal? No. (He already had a stuffed Chewie.)  Is it adorable?  Yes.  Was it about the only Star Wars thing at the Disney store in our price range?  Yes. 

5) Star Wars Little Golden Books

We bought this set last Christmastime with a 25% off coupon and then they sat in our gift closet for awhile before Luke actually received them (we have a rather hefty gift stash for him and, of course, a spreadsheet to track it all).  They are SO CUTE.  I told Matt I want a second copy just to cut up and use for projects or frame in Luke's room.  There is one book for each movie (although this set is just the first 6 movies).  Some of them skip a lot (Revenge of the Sith) in particular but still are a decent summary of the movies.  And seriously, the pictures are adorable.  Considering used Little Golden books can be $2 at HPB, I'm ok with paying $15 for the boxed set.  We will stop buying him Star Wars books at some point! (Lie, probably not.  Or at least not anytime soon.)

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