Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Book Love: Grace Not Perfection

I finished reading this book more than a week ago and yet haven't gotten myself to return it to the library yet.  Which is really strange for me because usually I'm itching to return books the second I finish, wanting to get things out of the house ASAP.   (We make a library drop-off pretty much every time we leave the house, living less than a block from the library is super convenient.)

But this one, it stuck around in my book basket for awhile.  It's not like the message is that new or different from other books I've read lately.  The subtitle is "embracing Simplicity, celebrating Joy" which could also be the subtitle for a number of other books I've read so there is no really good reason why this one stuck out to me.  Sometimes you just really enjoy a book, you know?

The author, Emily Ley, runs a successful company that sells planners and other office goods.  I had never heard of it or her before I added this book to my list so I'm not really sure what drew me to it, other than the title and the pink cover.  (I fully admit to judging books by their cover.)

She writes about how her life was overwhelming when she had her first child and how she needed things to slow down.  She started her own company and grew it to work around her life, making the schedule work for her.  Sure, plenty of ups and downs along the way and I don't think most of us are looking to start a company just to get the work hours we would like, but the needing to find a balance is something most mothers can probably relate to.

Our lives are pretty simple right now with Luke not in school and me hardly working.  We do have a lot of flexibility to our days, something that I know I'll miss all too soon.  So while life is pretty calm, it's probably a good time to really get in some good routines, get in the habit of giving myself grace, not worrying about perfection.  I think I've already gotten more laid back about things the further along in this mothering thing I've gotten (I stressed waaaaaay more about Luke's first birthday party than I did about his recent 4th (!!) birthday celebration.) but there is always room for growth.

A lot of this needing to give ourselves grace might come from the presence social media has in our lives.  There is a lot more ways to compare yourselves with how other parents are doing things than there might have been when we were growing up.  (And there is definitely an irony of taking the advice of "don't feel like you have to live up to all the pretty Instagram feeds" from someone with a pretty Instagram feed.)  But it's also true.  We all have our own gifts and we should embrace those, figure out what those are, instead of just comparing our lives to the highlight feed of others.

I doubt any of us have this all figured out, I know I sure don't.  I need to work on giving myself more grace, expecting less perfection.  And sometimes I just appreciate a really pretty book reminding me of that (and it is a really pretty book, you can tell she had a background in design.).

If you are looking for a little inspiration in your busy, mothering, working day, I'd recommend this one.  I already plan to add it (and maybe a ceramic pineapple or two) to my shelves soon.

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