Friday, September 8, 2017

Looking Back at August

August is over which means an end of summer to most people, except us.  We still have another lake trip planned and maybe a beach vacation before the year is over.  In fact, I JUST got out some of my summer decor items on August 31st because I am super timely like that.  Also, because I completely forgot until someone mentioned shells to Luke.  How I didn't realize this until 3 months into summer, I don't know.  But now we have shells and ceramic whales out and they will be out for awhile.  And I am fine with that.  I love the seasons but I always have the hardest time saying goodbye to summer!

That said, it was a MUCH calmer month after the whirlwind that (always) is July.  We were only away from home for 5 nights and just had a lot more time at home,during the week too.  August always feels like the Sunday of summer, a little more chill.  Here's some of what we were up to:

1) A lake trip where the high on Friday was a whole 60°.  So strange for August!  (I finished 3 books...)
2) Daisies in the garden!
3) Helping Matt get the top beam of Luke's swingset in place!  I was mainly counterweight but I still felt super helpful.
4) A zoo trip with cousins, always have to stop at the lemurs.
5) A finished swingset!  After the poles sat in our yard for 3 months, the actual install was pretty quick (helps when we're actually home a few weekends.)
6) Golden hour jet skiing at the lake.  Will always be my favorite.
7) Luke's first time solo tubing!  He said he liked it but also wanted back on the jet ski pretty quick.
8) Reading at the beach while Luke plays in the water.  Win for both of us! (Especially when the water is too cold for me to want to get in!)
9) Lake sunset.  Never get tired of these.
10) Eclipse!  We were in 80% (ish) totality and I got kids up from quiet time just to see it.  They thought it looked like the moon, not too impressive when you are 3 and 4 apparently...
11) Luke and his cousin we babysit once a week.  Swinging (and getting out of quiet time) was more fun than eclipse watching.
12) Wet morning glories, staying alive with very little work from me.
13) Luke likes to think he's SO TIRED after I push him in the stroller for 5.5 miles.  Sometimes I can convince him to push the stroller back though and my body appreciates it.
14) Spiderman stealing some fresh cookies.
15) Trying to get in some reading time by giving Luke my phone to take pictures.  I ended up with 800 new ones, mostly of Lemur.  And this one of me.
16) I just thought my new running shoes looked cool on the rug.  They are bright.
Books finished: 20 for the month, 138 for the year.  I realize that's a little insane.
Things sewn: I sewed a new style of clutch!  It was fun to get back into it and I have plans for more projects in the fall!
Miles ran: 105.94.  I expect to top that this month and then NEVER AGAIN (until I train for another half marathon...which will probably happen some year).
Currently watching:  Matt and I are still working through The Office which I've really been enjoying.  On season 6 right now.  I also started season 2 of Smash, which I've watched before and really like.  And, of course, American Ninja Warrior which is the best of summer tv.
Most read post this month: Quick Lit  - August followed, again, by No Churn Brownie Caramel Ice Cream which was back in July but still getting a lot of hits!
Luke's current favorite song: The "Thank You Song" aka "You're Welcome" from Moana.  I almost have it memorized.

Can you believe it's already September???  Once I get over summer being done, I'll be pretty excited about fall!

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