Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back home again and bamboo!

Back home again in Indiana. When I first found out Matt didn't have enough vacation days to take a whole week off I was pretty bummed but it turned out good because we got home Thursday and I got 3 days to recover before heading back. By the time Matt got home Friday I had all the bags unpacked, laundry started, pictures & videos on the computer, mail & packages taken care of, and the house pretty clean...then we decided we were putting the bamboo floor down the next day so our house is back to being a mess.

Matt & I spent hours on Friday moving the furniture, pulling up carpet, taking out staples (that was all me!), removing baseboards and laying tar paper. It was exhausting just prepping! Two of Matt's (high school) nephews came on Saturday and the 3 of them (not me, I'm the useless one who did go get them lunch!) got the floor laid in about 4 hours. Once they got started it went down pretty fast. I'm very glad the boys were here to help so I got out of most of the manual labor. Haha. After they left Matt & I spent more time putting baseboards & cupboard doors back on, caulking, and filling holes. Tonight we did the touch up painting and hopefully the furniture can move back tomorrow! Not bad for just tearing the room up on Friday! I think I only decided to do this a month ago...pretty fast project!

Hardwood floor under the carpet:

bamboo floor (before baseboard are back on):

Now we need to finish painting the extra bedroom upstairs. While Erin was house sitting she got the prep work done, hopefully we can have that done by the end of next weekend. Then our house will finally be put back together!!

Will have to do a vacation post once the pictures are all organized. It was bad enough when we went on vacation with just one camera and took a lot of pictures. Now when we travel we take the digital and our digital video camera which can also take pictures. This means instead of just one of us taking a lot of picture we now have both of us taking a lot of pictures. We'd stand next to each other and take pictures of the exact same thing. Haha...really there was no need for that. Plus, I have this problem of taking too many pictures anyways. I take a picture, look up, see something is still beautiful so I take 5 more. It really is a problem, especially when we travel.

Had our first of 2 Thanksgivings for the week today with my Mom's side. They are always a fun bunch. Hopefully our ski trip works out this year!

Ok, gotta get ready to head back to work tomorrow. 9 days off has been great. Luckily I just have to work 3 days before a 5 day weekend...haha. Life is pretty good right now. =)

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