Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 goals

-Run 100 miles
70.5 done (7/21/11)  Even ran 2 miles on vacation! - put on hold indefinitely due to tedonitis.  sucks!

-simply my life
   - reorganized the whole kitchen 6/9
   - unsubscribed from all the random junk e-mails I'd been getting.
   - consolidated Christmas stuff down to just 2 places in the house instead of the former 4

-get rid of stuff, a lot of stuff.
   - recycled 5 years of cans, made $45!
   - sorted through 3 boxes of magazines (5 years worth) and recycled most of it
   - took 5 years of plastic bags to recycle 5/23
   - sold one of my extra Vera Bradley bags on eBay 5/26
   - recycled large stack of various empty margarine, lunch meat, sandwich containers 6/2
   - sold another Vera Bradley bag on eBay 8/2
   - cleaned out file cabinets and shredded 3 (stuffed full) paper grocery bags of old bank statements, receipts, paycheck stubs, etc. 8/3
   - cleaned out basement file cabinet, recycled at least a full drawer worth 7/30
   - recycled paper box worth of old paperback books 8/8
   - got rid of paper box worth of cds and/or cd cases 8/10
   - recycled 2 monitors at Best Buy along with a stack of CDs (old picture backups), & misc cords 8/14
   - cleaned out closet, got rid of 7 pairs of shoes, lots of empty shoe boxes, and some clothes 8/15
   - cleaned out gift wrapping closet (I have one) and freecycled a paper box stuffed of gift bags and bows 8/18
   - did a Goodwill drop off of 5 garbage bags 8/19
   - filled recycle bin to the brim 2 weeks in a row of old papers, boxes, etc. 8/7 & 8/21
   - gave foosball table back to Dan & Amy 9/15
   - got air hockey table out of the basement for garage sale 9/15 (sold for $75!)
   - got rid of extra microwave in the basement 9/15
   - freecycled paint that we got with the house, for rooms we have since repainted (9 1-gallon buckets!) 9/24
   - Goodwill drop off of 1 garbage bag 9/24
   - freecycled over 100 empty cd cases 11/4
   - donated 2 bags of extra Christmas decorations to Goodwill 12/2
   - dropped off old printer and 35 old VHS tapes at electronics recycling 12/3

-house projects accomplished:
   - paid off mortgage!!!
   - painted garage (finally, 3 years after the house) 8/27
   - painted kitchen cupboards & walls 11/9
   - replaced back door (had been on the project list for years) 11/5
   - replaced kitchen floor 11/19
   - replaced doorbell (had only been working sporadically for years) 12/21
   - replaced garage door (another thing that's kinda needed to be done for years) 12/21

-read 79 books:
One Day, The Constant Princess, Promises to Keep, Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, Dune Road, Little Women, Second Chances, How to Bake a Perfect Life, Swapping Lives, The Seven-Year Witch, The Year of Yes, The Other Woman, Trophy Wives Club, To Have and to Hold, Easy for You, Straight Talking, Mahalo My Love, Babyville, The Opposite of Me, Bookends, The White Queen, Jemima J, Bossypants, The Island, Unfamiliar Fishes, The Wedding Girl, Do One Green Thing, A Summer Affair, A Billion Reasons Why, Mr. Maybe, Nantucket Nights, Something Borrowed, My Year with Eleanor, When You Wish, Barefoot, Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost, Bedrest, Christy Miller’s Diary, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Canary Island Song, Something Blue, Reshaping it All, Thin Rich Pretty, A Week at the Airport, Hunger Games, Untold Story, Baby Proof, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Love the One You’re With, Love Season, Weekend in Paris, Summer in the City, Heart of the Matter, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bon, I Do I Do, Hollywood Ending, Skipping a Beat, Summer Rental, Water for Elephants, Star Island, The Help, Love Finds You at Sunset Beach Hawaii, Pieces of Happily Ever After, Blue Bistro, William & Kate: A Royal Love Story, Love Finds You at Holiday Florida, Love Finds You in Bridal Falls Oregon, Eat Pray Love, Love Finds You in Carmel-by-the-Sea California, Best of Me, The Outer Banks House, Love Finds You in Liberty Indiana, Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?, This Christmas, Silver Girl, Who Loves You Best, Starting at Square Two, Beach Club

-finished 2 scrapbooks
  - 2010
  - Hawaii

(copied over from a Facebook note)

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