Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frustrating but then uplifting

This morning I was thinking about how frustrating the past few weeks have been on the adoption front.  Nothing has happened.  That's the frustrating part.  It was a huge relief getting our paperwork in.  We were very proud for being early too (almost 3 weeks!).  Then I e-mailed last week and found out we were just in a stack.  That was frustrating.  Then another week went back.  More frustration.  I was writing a blog post in my head about that this morning.  Not complaining, just sharing the frustration (which might be complaining, whatever).

THEN...we got a call today!  I was working at a client's office and didn't see it so had a message but our social worker at Catholic Charities called to say they got all our paperwork processed and they are ready to set up the homestudy!!  That was a huge relief.  I wasn't really worried about passing the background tests (between the two of us we have one traffic ticket and that's our whole "criminal" record) but it was so great to hear that we got through it.  By the time I heard the message she was gone for the day so I'll have to call her in the morning.  Hopefully we can get something set-up soonish.  When we met with her in February she said she had just set one up within the same week of letting them know sooo...will very likely be before our trip. 

Now I just need to up my cleaning.  I've been working on spring/homestudy cleaning anyways but really need to get going.  Especially on the basement.  Oh boy it needs work.  Problem is Matt is down there the most and he's not really the most organized put it lightly.  So yeah, that is probably top priority.  Hope to report back tomorrow with a scheduled homestudy... =) =)

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