Wednesday, May 30, 2012

London day 2

Big day in London. Finally starting to get used to everything being backwards. Rode on the top of a double decker bus. Toured Westminster Abbey which is just crazy! There are so many monuments and statues in there! My brochure says 600 some. It's crazy how many little chapels are behind the high alter. It was not quite what I was expecting. Also crazy that it's been a place of worship for 1000 years and seen royal coronations, weddings (Duke & Duchess of Cambridge last year), and funerals (Princess Di in 1997). So much history there.

Walked around the London Eye and Big Ben again. Saw Buckingham Palace. The Royal Standard was flying (means the Queen is in residence). They were doing massive prep for all the jubilee celebrations so the Victoria memorial was covered and there were barricades all along the mall. Kinda nice we're here right before all this though because all of England has been decorated for it, Union Jacks all over.

Went to a pub for supper and ended up playing in a quiz night and got second place!! Pretty excited about that. We even got prizes!!

Now tomorrow is Paris!! Concerned my 4 years of high school French won't hold up. Oh well. We'll figure it out!!

Pictures are Westminster looking up right outside the west door and then our pub prizes.


Erin Sherburne said...

So what type of trivia did you need to know to get second place? or were there only two teams? ;-)

diana said...

There were more than 2. Some was British stuff, some was general knowledge (like what is a group of owls called).

Erin Sherburne said...

how fun! way to show up those Brits!

diana said...

Can't have them thinking we're all stupid! You're welcome, America.