Saturday, June 9, 2012

Going home!!

Sitting in the Dublin airport about 5 minutes from boarding. Been a crazy 2 hours of running around and waiting in lines. Checked in, through security, through US customs/immigration, through TSA security, now wait at gate. Ready to sit for 7 hours. Super excited we get another meal. I don't think we've ever been as excited about food as we were for the supper on the plane coming over. Seriously. It was exciting.

Today we actually saw sunshine in Dublin, much better than the previous 48 hours of rain. After all this rain and then running around, I think we will be very glad to be about 13 hours...long day. Long two weeks. Glad we did it. Really. It was crazy, exhausting, and, at times, stressful. But also awesome, exhilarating, and exciting. Saw a lot of big things. Did a lot of great thing. We successfully did the UK, Paris, and Ireland!!

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