Monday, June 4, 2012

Ireland - day 1

We're in Ireland! Much thanks to Jen for the recommendation to fly into Shannon. First, going through immigration meant waiting behind 1 person (Dublin was about an hour wait last weekend). Getting our car (a VW Golf, not a piece of crap!) was infinitely easier here than around Heathrow. Had no problems with driving and even got through all our roundabouts without a problem. Would really help if the roads stay this easy for the next 4 days.

Our first stop in Ireland was the Cliffs of Moher. They were incredible. Gorgeous views. Could see really far mountains in the north. Really pretty. From there it was less than 10 minutes to our B&B in Doolin. Have a nice big room with our biggest bathroom yet! Somehow 2 of our first 3 bathrooms were smaller than ours at home. Didn't think that was possible!

Tomorrow is a busy day. We drive to Dingle and hope to drive the Dingle loop. Also need to drop off laundry because we will both be on our last clean underwear and socks tomorrow.

Overall Ireland is going quite well. Already looking back at this trip amazed with all we've seen. Current picture count is over 3300...we'll have plenty to share. =)

Pictures: Cliffs of Moher (much better ones on our real camera), Instagrammed sky from the plane this afternoon, and Instagrammed sky in Edinburgh this morning.


Jen said...

Glad to hear Shannon was nice to you. Coming in, you don't see much of the airport. I know you're flying out of Dublin, but when we flew out of Shannon, I was amazed how much more of the airport there was. Maybe you saw a different part coming from Scotland. Coming from Chicago, the arrival gate we saw looked like it was stuck in 1972!

Erin Sherburne said...

"Cliffs of Moher" for some reason reminds me of Lord of the Rings. lol. Yes, that is all that I have to say this time :-)

diana said...

Nope, the part we saw was definitely 1972ish. I don't care, it wasn't busy, immigration was easy, and driving out of there was super easy!!!

diana said...

Haha, yeah it kinda does. Actually saw part of #3 the night before in Edinburgh too.