Monday, June 4, 2012

Edinburgh - day 2

I think we will remember our time in Edinburgh fondly because it's where we finally had time to relax. This trip hasn't been all rushed and we've gotten close to 8 hours of sleep every night but we spent quite a bit of time here in the hotel, just relaxing which we really really needed.

Yesterday, after hanging out here, we took a bus to the old town to see the castle and walk the Royal Mile. There is an old castle at the top and the Queen's official Scottish residence at the bottom the mile (+ 200 meters) between is filled with shops and restaurants. It had warmed up a bit since church but still not warm enough for me. The sun was out though which really helped. We went in a lot of shops mostly just to warm up.

The highlight, for me, was The Elephant House where JK Rowling wrote most of the first Harry Potter book. My tour book said she probably annoyed waiters hanging out there all day but, judging by all the people there just for the HP connection, it has more than paid off for them. We actually ate lunch there and it was quite good. In the bathroom many people had written notes to Jo about how much HP meant to them. I thought it was touching. Matt said it was dorky. Anyways, that was fun.

When we got to the Queen's castle at the end we came across a viewing party for the jubilee flotilla so we got snacks and joined in. Strange/awesome to be watching that from the Queen's palace after just being at the Tower Bridge and Big Ben less than 48 hours earlier.

Took a bus back here (we are getting a little better at figuring out these bus systems, a little) and relaxed until supper. Matt napped. I watched the flotilla. Ate at another local pub. We finally had American sized portions of food. Hadn't missed that.

Currently hanging out at the hotel, watching Top Gear, waiting until we need to check out to get to the airport. We fly to the Shannon airport today for the last part of the trip. 5 nights at 5 different B&Bs and then home. Crazy that we are barely half way through. Our time off work is only half done! Ireland should be fun, not looking forward to the driving again though...

Pictures: wow, I really didn't take many yesterday besides of food. Spent some of our relaxing time reconciling our 4 different currencies...I may be on vacation but still an accountant. =)


Erin Sherburne said...

Harry Potter is Awesome, while that might be a bit dorky, I think that it is cool! :-)

diana said...

I knew you'd appreciate the Harry Potter stuff. =)

Erin Sherburne said...

Maybe the only one other than you, but I'm okay with that!

diana said...

There were plenty of other people there who appreciated it. =)