Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rolling, great grandparents, and nursery is done!

Today was a big day for our little man:

1) He rolled over for the first time!!!  My sister watched him last week and said he rolled over but I wasn't counting it until I saw it.  AND I DID.  And it was amazing.  I was so proud.  We've been trying to get him to do it again all night but it hasn't happened.  In just the past few days he's gotten very good at rolling onto his side (usually the left one) and will just hang out there sucking his fingers.  
Luke really wanted to watch The OC with me

Hopefully he rolls over again soon in an evening so Matt can see too.

He's also started scooting around a lot more, just in the past few days.  This is yesterday:

Left is how we put him down and right is how I got him up.  I think he did a complete 360 last night because he was facing a different way every time I checked on him.

2) He got to meet his great grandparents today!  When we got there I was texting Matt quick in the car while my Mom went in.  She said they were immediately asking for Luke. =)  I've gotten used to being second to him.  He was a pretty good baby and they thought he was pretty cute (which he is).  I'm so glad they got to meet him.

Meeting Great Grandma & Grandpa
3) We finally finished Luke's nursery today!  Seems fitting since it's exactly 2 months since he came home. Pictures clockwise from the door (dark because I was taking them at the beginning of the thunderstorms tonight):

I'm really proud of how little we bought to furnish his room.  The only large items bought new were the crib & matress (actually a Christmas gift to us) and the ottoman (obviously we've also bought things like crib sheets).  The changing table is on loan from my sister.  Everything else was either made or moved from somewhere else in the house:
-Matt made the white bookshelf and the crown molding shelves
-I made the curtains and the pillows
-The chairs were my grandparents' and are at least 30 years old.  They were in my parents house for years and somehow we ended up with them.  Matt's sisters made new slipcovers for them but otherwise they were in great shape!

-The wooden cars (4) are my Grandpa's specialty.  Two are Luke's (one he just got today!), one is mine, and one is Matt's. 
-Most of the decor came from other parts of the house or were gifts to Luke.  It really makes me happy that it's mostly a combination of things we made and things we already had. 

The only thing we have left to do is fill some frames (the white collage one currently has some honeymoon pics in it) and buy a new extension cord for the fan (obviously he's sleeping with a fan, starting him young).  It feels good to finally have it all done!  Now, onto other house projects (I'm only allowed to give Matt one at a time).

4) Luke got a new cousin today, one of 3 coming this year!  He's going to be spoiled with so many boy cousins so close in age (currently at 5 within about a year either way, with 1 more unknown coming).
happy Luke picture for reading this far down
I had hoped to be posting something about our cloth diapering experience when we were 1 month in, which we are.  But then Luke's had some...we'll say digestive he's been back in disposables until his rash is gone and the diapers are less gross.  I know I really love cloth now that's we've been using disposables for the past 5 days!


Lauren said...

Way to roll and scoot around Luke!!!! I love his room too, very nice!!

Erin Sherburne said...

I must say I love how you have a elephant, lion and Chewbacca on the same shelf!

It is an adorable nursery, must be that awesome paint job that I did ;-) or should I say tape job...

Wonderful picture with Grandma and Grandpa, like his smile with grandpa!

diana said...

Well lions, elephants, and Wookies are all real so they all belong together. Duh!

Hahahaha...yes, you get alllll the credit for your paint job.

Thank you!

Erin Sherburne said...

I better get all of the credit for the paint job! ;-)