Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things I like - October

1. Chevron Scarves

I was looking for chevron infinity scarves and came across these on Amazon for pretty cheap.  They are pretty thin but I've realized I don't like bulky scarves (except cold weather kinds when it's freezing out).  These are the perfect length and are very cute in person.  I've gotten compliments every time (twice) that I've worn them!

2. Merona Lina flats

I hadn't spent much of my clothing budget for the year and have actually bought quite a bit in the past few weeks.  And by quite a bit I mean 2 pairs of flats on clearance with a birthday gift card, a pair of jeans with a birthday gift card, and the 2 scarves above.  That counts as buying a lot of clothes to someone who still wears underwear from high school (13 years ago).

These are the shoes that I mention here, that were too big and ended up buying for even cheaper when I ordered the next size down.   They are summer-y but since we've had summer like weather until recently, they still work.  They are super cute, comfortable, and even fit my insoles in them.  Definitely a good $6 purchase.

3. Waking Up in Heaven

I do a lot of reading but haven't read anything in awhile that I've liked enough to recommend until this book about a week ago.  I've heard of many people with stories of near-death, having a heaven experience, and then not really dying, but this is the first actual account I've read.  I don't know how this book made my "to-read" list but I'm glad it did.

Crystal had a rough childhood, believed in God but wasn't real sure until she died and went to heaven.  Her description of heaven sounded pretty great, made dying seem like a pretty good thing.  (It's like the Kenny Chesney song "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to go yet.")  Anyways, it was just incredible to read her story, read her heaven experience (which I do believe), and how she changed her life after. 

It just so happened to show up on my "to-read" list (which I follow in order) shortly before my Grandma passed.  It really helped me to think about Crystal's heaven experience in the immediate days following my Grandma death. 

4. Kitchen Scale

As I've been doing more baking this year, especially yeast doughs, I've read a lot of bloggers and cooks recommending a kitchen scale.  It's one of those things I put off for a long time since I had always gotten by fine without one.  For my birthday I asked Matt for one and finally know what everyone else is talking about.  I actually use it a lot. 

So far I've found it especially useful for measuring tomatoes.  I've used a lot of tomatoes from the garden in the place of canned and without the scale I don't know how I would ever measure them.  I needed 100oz to made a double batch of salsa for Labor Day weekend and I would have been doing a wild guesstimate without this.

It was pretty inexpensive and takes up little space in the kitchen.  I'm sold.

5.  Pastors' Wives

Two clothes items and two books?!?  I feel very sophisticated in my choices this month.  This is another favorite book I've read lately.  It follows the story of 3 pastors' wives at the same "megachurch" outside Atlanta.  Being Catholic, pastors' wives aren't something I have much experience with which is probably part of why I found this book fascinating.  I don't know the religious affiliation of the author but I didn't ever feel like she was mocking religion or the beliefs of these women, which was a concern going in.  And just reading about the workings of a "megachurch" was so interesting since it's so different from anything I've experienced personally.  It was a really good read into a completely different type of religious life.  And I think I shed a few tears.  Maybe.

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