Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Five...Christmas movies

This winter has been perfect for curling up on the couch under a blanket and watching a Christmas movie.  There are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit and this is one of many I look forward to every year.  Matt has actually watched all these movies with me at some point except White Christmas.  A little too much singing and dancing in that one for him.

In no real particular 5 favorite Christmas movies.

 1) The Holiday

The first three movies are all ones that stay on our DVD shelf year round even though I really only watch them during Christmastime.  Matt & I saw this in a theater, I think the first year we were married (back when we weren't too cheap to go a theater).  I remember leaving so happy and full od Christmas spirit.  Cameron Diaz gets beautiful clothes and Kate Winslet has a super charming house in England.  Jude Law needs a few more faults (something I didn't realize until a guy friend pointed it out) and Matt pretty much only agreed to see it because of Jack Black.  It's not real Christmas-Christmasy but it a super cozy movie with snow and people coming together. 

2) The Family Stone
This is another one we actually saw in a theater, the year we were engaged.  At the time my sisters and I all were home for the holidays, no in-laws yet.  But it felt like what it would feel like when we all started bringing spouses and kids home for the holidays.  Matt & I live within miles of both sets of parents but this movie kinda makes me wish we had to travel and get the whole overnight experience (then I think about it more and realize I like spending Christmas night in my own bed and not fighting over shower times.)  The past many years I've watched it after the Night of Lights while addressing Christmas cards on Thanksgiving Eve.  I've seen it enough times that I no longer tear up at the end but it's still emotional.  It is such an uplifting movie to watch.

3) Love Actually

Hey, we didn't see this one in a theater.  There are many intertwined stories happening mostly around London in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I've seen this movie countless times and I still don't have all the connections figured out.  People looking for love and finding love and holding onto love.

"If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around."

4) White Christmas

I was introduced to this movie by one of my junior year of college roommates.  We spent the night before Christmas on Campus all watching this movie together, one of my favorite memories from that year.  It's a pretty flimsy storyline (I realized this when I summarized it for Matt) but the songs and dancing more than make up for it.  It's from the 50s and is full of old movie charm.  This year I watched it as our little blizzard was just starting up.  Felt very appropriate.

5) It's a Wonderful Life
One of the most uplifting movies of all times?  The end never fails to give me chills, even though I've seen it many many times.  Of all these movies this is the one Matt is most likely to watch with me.  Most anyone reading this has probably seen it so no need to summarize.  It's just a good movie.

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