Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mom's veggie soup

Lunches are a problem for me.  I can get caught up in baby care and house work and showering so that lunch will just sneak right up.  I try to only eat meat once a day (usually supper) and don't like making a big meal for just me.  I often complain to Matt that I just want a pill I can take for lunch so get all the nutrients I need but that doesn't involve actual eating.  This was less of a problem when I worked because I looked forward to lunch all morning, even though I ate PB&J 95% of the time. 

Snacking is no problem but finding something easy, quick, and healthy is a chore.  That's why I love making my Mom's vegetable soup.  It takes about 10 minutes to throw together a big pot that will last me at least a week.  It's practically free with the frozen veggies we have in the basement and it's healthy since it's almost all vegetables.  We are horrible about eating vegetables and very rarely have any sides.  This is a good way to get a big dose of them all at once.  I've been making a batch twice a month this winter.

Mom's Vegetable Soup
One of the great things about most soups is that you can just throw in what you have without worrying about measuring or have certain things.  Here's what I used in my last batch but this is just suggestions.

-approx. 46 ounces of tomato juice (I buy at Aldi but next year I hope to make my own)
-6-7 medium potatoes, washed and chopped to bite size pieces
-a handful of celery
-about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of each of the following:
  • peas (just not canned peas, those are the work of the devil)
  • corn
  • green beans
  • carrots
I use frozen of all the above.  If you are lucky people will give you veggies from their garden (thanks, Mom and Dad!!).  Target occasionally has mobile coupons for $1/off any frozen item which is great for getting free veggies (how I got my peas).  I also blanch and freeze carrots leftover from veggie platters or when I can get them super cheap.  Celery can be just chopped and frozen which is great to have on hand. 

1) Put everything in a stockpot over medium heat.
2) Stir
3) Let cook until the potatoes are soft, about 45 minutes?  It can simmer on the stove on low heat until you are ready to eat, just stir occasionally.

Since I will eat this days in a row until it's gone I just keep in the fridge.  It can be frozen but usually needs thickened when thawed.  You can add some tomato paste to help with that. 

Source: My Mom


Jen said...

Love moms veggie soup! I had some juice from her we helped make when we were up one weekend. Seemed more authentic. I have some in the freezer, might have to pull it out for dinner.

Erin Heckber said...

You just had to write about food on the day that food is all that I can think about... but this sounds so yummy! I am working on my meal plan for February and this is going to have to make the list! I can almost taste it!

diana said...

I would use homemade juice if I had it but apparently Mom likes you more.... =)

Food is often all I can think about!! Haha. Matt and I always talked about how at work we spend the whole time counting down until the next time we get to eat... And good job on the menu planning! On February already too!!