Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Five...favorite Instagram feeds

I follow some people I know on Instagram but I also follow complete strangers who post beautiful pictures from around the world.  Here are my favorite Instagram feeds of strangers.  Check them out and be amazed by this world we live in.

1) @Jewelszee_

Probably my favorite Instagram feed to follow.  She lives in Australia and posts the most amazing beach pictures.  I already wanted to go to Australia and now I super want to go.  The colors and scenes are just amazing and she's a very positive person as well.  Sometimes a little extra positivity helps.

2) @Australia

This is a feed run by Australia's official tourism department.  Other users can tag their photos and then @Australia posts the best every day.  There are incredible shots from all over the continent.  I've found and followed quite a few people because their posts were highlighted here.  If you've ever wanted to visit Australia I highly recommend following this.

3) @NatGeo (National Geographic)

This is run by the National Geographic Society.  Multiple contributors post to it on location and so there is a very wide variety of pictures.  Some are of people summitting major mountains and then there are remote African villages and everything in between.  My Dad is a looooong time subscriber of the magazine (every issue for the past...50?? 60?? years is in their attic) and we don't get that but I do enjoy following this.

4) @Clarklittle
So I love Hawaii.  I dream of going back and Matt has to put up with me asking at least once a month when that will happen (Um...a while).  So I have to live vicariously through books, movies, Lost, and this Instagram feed. He posts the most amazing surf/waves/water shots around Hawaii, mostly Oahu.  Absolutely incredible. 

5) @PureMichigan

Needed at least one a little closer to home.  This is like the Australia feed above.  It's run by Michigan's tourism department and posts pictures (with permission) from other users.  Most of my time in Michigan comes from skiing trips and it's really cool to see so much beauty so close to home.

All pictures from their respective Instagram feeds.

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