Friday, March 28, 2014

Things I Like - March

1) Threshold Doodle Stitch Lampshade

This is probably one of my favorite Target purchases this year.  I decided I wanted to update the lampshade on our one downstairs table lamp.  We've had that lamp & shade for 8 years and I'm really into updating things lately (code for spending money lately).  That corner needed some more color.   I saw this lampshade and fell in love.  And then stalked it for a few weeks until there was a Cartwheel deal available.  Then I debated it, bought it, and loved it again.  It adds some color to a bare corner and allows the light bulb to give off a more clean, white light.  Definitely a good purchase.

2) Water Alert app
Despite toting my Camelbak water bottle all over I don't drink enough water.  I like having it nearby and do sip often but not enough.  At my sisters' baby shower a few weeks ago my cousin had a neato water bottle that told her how much she was drinking, how close she was to her goal water intake for the day.  It was pretty cool.  I'm not looking to give up my Camelbak though so I found this app which does pretty much the same thing, except I have to input my water intake.  I did a google search for what my weight should be drinking a day and set that up as my goal.  Then when I finish a bottle I stick it in.  I have yet to actually reach 100% because that's 74oz which is a lot of water.  If I'm even 75% I feel like I'm constantly making bathroom trips.  It alerts me every 90 minutes that I need to take a drink, and I usually listen.  It's definitely getting me to drink more water.

3) Camera on my iPhone 5s

I've got my first iPhone (a 4) about 2 1/2 years ago.  Then it was big deal to switch from a slider phone to a smart phone.  A few months later (when he was eligible for an upgrade) Matt followed with a 4s.  His phone took much better pictures which always made me a little jealous.  Since being elgible for an upgrade I've been doing some thinking and budgeting.  Three weeks ago I finally ordered an iPhone 5s.

I almost always have my phone within reach and use it to snap a lot of pictures throughout the day (I try to send Matt multiple Luke pictures while he's at work).  I'm really excited about how much better the 5s camera is than my old 4.  It's pretty amazing.  I've, shocking, been taking a lot of pictures of Luke.  The rest of the phone works pretty much the same as my old one (besides being much faster) so the camera is the most exciting part.

4)  Luke's Easter Bucket
Eight years ago, when we had just bought our house and were planning our wedding, Matt & I bought Easter baskets for ourselves

This was many Easters ago
We've used them every year since to hold candy and our Easter presents to each other.  Now Luke needs a basket too.  I looked at multiple stores but wasn't finding anything reasonably sturdy for a price I was willing to pay.  So he ended up with an Easter bucket instead.  I like this because it's pretty solid (he won't be destroying it this first year) and we should be able to find similar ones for any future kids.  Plus, Luke helped pick it out.  I gave him the option of a mostly blue one with green inside or a mostly green one with blue inside and he picked this one. 

5)  Country Kitchen

This is no help to non-Fort Wayners but I'm pretty excited about this store.  I needed some more specialty baking and decorating items for Luke's birthday party, things I couldn't find at Aldi or Target (and really, I rarely shop anywhere else).  We had taken some candy making classes here back in my homeschool days but I haven't been since.  And now I've been twice in the past 10 days.  They have high quality chocolates (I've heard this is where Debrands buys some of their chocolate but that might just be a rumor), all sort of cake/cupcake decorating ingredients, supplies, pans, etc.  I'm trying to be more adventurous in my baking and this place was pretty much a dream.  Their staff was very helpful with my questions (even opening a coupler to make sure it fit with the tip I had).  And I thought their prices were very reasonable (I saw a large star tip cheaper there than what I paid on Amazon a few months ago).  If you are in town and at all interested in fancy baking, I highly recommend it.

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