Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Reasons I am super excited for summer 2014

This recent high 60s weather has gotten me way super excited for summer.  Like way excited.   I love summer and I love the anticipation of summer.  In no particular order...

Reasons I am super excited for summer 2014
1) Our family vacation #2
We're going to Michigan for almost a week and we're pretty excited about it.  We talked about many options and this is close, easy, and within budget.  I don't know what all we are going to do but hopefully a lot of relaxing.  Been awhile since we had one of those kinds of vacations.

2) Lake trips

Last summer it was easy taking Luke because he was little and couldn't get around.  And he was fairly flexible on his sleeping location.  But doing anything water related was tough.  We never kayaked together and were only out on the water together twice (one jet ski ride and one boat ride).  We swam a little but by the time we got Luke all loaded up to walk out there, we didn't have much time before we had to turn around for something (bottle, diaper, out of the sun, etc.)
This summer will be completely different.  It'll be more dangerous having him there since he should be walking by then (life jacket on pretty much all waking hours??) but it should be so much fun.  We hope to take him on (gentle) jet ski rides (since we have a titled jet ski!) and kayak rides.  We got him sand toys for Easter.  We're hoping since he loves bathtime he'll like playing in the lake water too.  Really really excited to experience the lake with him this summer.  We always look forward to lake time and actually enjoying more of it this year.

3) Drive-in trips
Sure, we've already been this year but we it'll be a lot more comfortable in a few weeks!  The drive-in is just awesome.   A perfect summertime activity.

4) Warm weather, more sunshine, green grass, flowers, leaves, everything weather/nature related

Maybe this should be number 1...this 60s already has me incredibly happy so the thought of months of warm weather is incredibly exciting.  Opening windows, being outside, walks without 10 layers, shorts, flip-flops, seeing color other than white out the window.  I really hope Luke and I can play outside a lot this summer.  In the backyard, at the park, walks.  It's so exciting to think about.

5) Summer food

There are just some things that taste better in the summer.  Or that we mainly eat in the summer.  I've been doing weekly summer sno-cone walks for years, usually with my trip to the library.  We grill out in the summer, eat more salad and just produce in general, have summery alcoholic beverage (some are just made for summer consumption only), pick supper from our garden, etc.  It's such a wonderful change from the heavier/heartier winter meals we eat.

That's my short/off the top of my head list.  What summery/warm weather things are you most excited for?  I know I probably missed a lot.

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