Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things I like - April

1) Old Navy Chunky Slub-Knit sweater

I stalked this sweater for a few weeks before it finally went on sale enough to justify buying it.  Then it arrived and I loved it.  It's super comfortable with the perfect fit - not too tight, not too baggy.  It's kinda see through but I wear a tank top under most sweaters anyways so not a problem.  I liked it so much that when they went even more on sale a few weeks ago I ordered another two in different colors.  (I have grey, vanilla, and cool stripe.)  They are still on super sale and if I didn't already have 3 I would be buying more.

2) Divergent Series

I'm a little stubborn when it comes to picking books.  I don't like reading something just because everyone else is.  I avoided Harry Potter for awhile and then Hunger Games too.  It took a few people recomending the Divergent series before I finally put the first one on hold at the library and I'm really glad I did.  They are similar to Hunger Games (without as much of the whole "kids killing each other" thing) with a dsytopian world that has almost everyone is divided into "factions".  Luckily I had the 1st and 2nd books from the library at the same time and got through them both in a week (the bulk of them in one weekend).  A lot of action, really hard to put down.  I haven't read the 3rd one yet (waiting on it...) but so far I like them a lot.  Maybe better written than the final two Hunger Games books and the world is well thought out (but not Harry Potter level of detail).

In my head, the Divergent world coexists with the Hunger Games world since Divergent is primarily in and around Chicago while Hunger Games never specifically mentioned any district in that area.  So while Katniss is off competing in the Hunger Games, Tris is going through initiation with the Dauntless.  My theory could be completely blown in book #3 though.

3) Merona Satchel Handbag

I don't own this one but I reallllly wish I did.  Really.  I saw it in the store a month-ish ago and immediately fell in love.  I took a picture to think about it and by the time I decided I wanted it and made it back to Target (later that week) they were sold out.  And the website has been sold out.  I don't want to admit how many times I've checked.  (It's a lot.)  It's so pretty I may have pet it in the store.  (I know.)  Moral of this story: stick with my "buy and then decide if I like it, return if I don't" plan (the Target customer service desk people are very familiar with me).

4)  PicMonkey
This is another quick online photo editing site I like to use for making comparison collages (although I think it can do more than that).  I switch between this one and Fotor, depending on how many pictures I want to use, the size I am looking for, etc.  It's quick and easy to use, exactly what I need it for.

5) Blue jars

I've been waiting for a deal on blue Mason jars but when I find one I either don't have a $35 order from Amazon (for free shipping) or can make it to Target in time to have them price match.  My sister has found them in the Walmart craft section for $1.50/each but I never have been that lucky.  Then I found these cute blue jars in the Target Dollar Spot for $3/2 and was pretty excited. They aren't Mason jars and can't be used for canning but that's not what I'm looking to use them for anyways.  I have some shell leis displayed in the one I have and am thinking stones from our Tennessee vacation last summer might go in one of these.  Depending on how the bathroom remodel comes out I might use a few for things like cotton balls and Q-Tips on open shelves.  There are so many possibilities!  Basically, I love all the blue things.  The more blue I can get into our house the better. =)

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Anonymous said...

I think I am going to buy a couple of those sweaters. What size did you get? I am trying to figure out if I should do a S or an M. Thoughts?