Friday, May 23, 2014

Things I Like - May (Luke version)

Luke's getting bigger and having more of an opinion on things.  I figured it was about time to share some of his favorite things, as best I can determine.

1)  Little Blue Truck

This might be his favorite book.  He received it as a birthday presents and we've read it countless times since then.  He laughs when he pulls it out of the basket and laughs when I pull him into my lap to "read" it to him.  I have it memorized and lines are frequently stuck in my head.  This is actually pretty handy since he turns the pages at his own speed so I can keep going as he flips back & forth or chews on it.  I beep his belly every time the book says it and he'll grab my hand to make sure I remember.  It's adorable.

2) His stuffed animals

In the last few weeks Luke has gotten into his stuffed animals.  His favorites are his dinosaur he sleeps with as well as the Chewbacca, lion, and elephant on a shelf in his room.  In the morning he'll point to them one by one and hugs them when I hand them over.  Sometimes he brings them downstairs for the day.  I always give him his dinosaur before naps and when he gets his bedtime bottle.  Matt says I've made him like it but I think he really does.  It's really cute to see him cuddling with them all.

3) Daddy's drill

He lights up when he see Daddy's drill laying around (which happens a lot with this bathroom project).  He never gets to touch it without us (it's behind closed doors or at least the baby gate) but he does know what to press to get it to go.  He is so excited about it.  He has a play drill but it's just not as interesting to him.  The first few mornings of the bathroom project I did catch him crawling back near the bathroom with first his screwdriver then his toy drill.  I think he just wanted to help Daddy. =)

4) driving cars around

Around his birthday he figured out how to crawl and push cars around at the same time.  He does it daily with multiple different cars, this Little People bus, some wooden ones my Grandpa made him (still trying to get a good picture of that to send to Grandpa!), and various other toy cars he has.  I'm trying to get him to say "vroom vroom" while he pushes but I guess that will come soon enough.  It's pretty cute watching him crawl with one hand pushing his cars.

5) drinking water

I was trying to figure out what his favorite food is but that seems to change daily, besides sweets.  He loves any sweets he can get.  The only food item he'll take pretty much any time is water.  He doesn't get it often because in large quantities it leads to leaky diapers but he's very excited anytime he gets his hands on his water bottle (or my water bottle).


Lauren said...

Haha this was a fun post! Walden is really loving books and stuffies these days too. I love it when they get old enough to like things and understand things (when certain parts of books are coming, how to ask for a stuffed animal off a shelf, etc)!

diana said...

Yes! Every time I get sad he's not a baby anymore I remember all the fun things he can do now. It is exciting!