Friday, May 30, 2014

Top Five...favorite holidays

1) Christmas 

I don't know why Christmas is the best holiday.  It just is.  Maybe because it gets a whole month.  It the bright spot in winter.  The general feeling of peace and goodwill.   There is a wonderful reason to celebrate (birth of Jesus) without any proceeding gloom (like Good Friday which is beautiful in it's own way but isn't exactly joyful).  I love the music, baking, decorating, celebrating, and sure, presents but even if we got rid of those it would still be my favorite holiday (as long as I could still wrap boxes...I like wrapping presents).  I love sharing it with Luke now and making our own traditions.  I love the tradition-ness that comes with Christmas, how it seems more important on this holiday, than any other, to have them.  I start my mental Christmas countdown about Labor Day and actually miss the month of December the rest of the year. 

2) Thanksgiving

There are a few reasons I like Thanksgiving.  One is how simple of a holiday it is, no presents, just food & family.  I like that most everyone takes time, at least on this one day, to focus on what they have and not on what they don't.  I think Thanksgiving should be a complaint free day.  We have so much.  And I also like it because it kicks off the Christmas season but it really is a lovely day in it's own right.

3) Easter

It never really feels like spring until Easter.  It has a more somber tone than Christmas in the weeks leading up to it but the actual day is pretty joyful.  I love the holiness on the Triduum and singing "Jesus Christ is Rising Today" at Easter Vigil.  I love the family time on what is usually a perfect spring day.  Spring is always a wonderful feeling after winter and Easter is a wonderful day to celebrate that.  

 4) 4th of July 

The 4th of July feels like the midpoint of summer and really in the middle of it (even if it's slightly closer to Memorial Day and only about 2 weeks after the official start of the summer season).  All these holidays revolve around family celebrations, and usually food, and they are all so different.  4th of July seems like a time to be extra summery - burgers, brats, cookouts, beer, fireworks, fresh fruit, etc.  Time to take advantage of the best the summer season has to offer.   And I like all the red, white, and blue going on this weekend.

5) New Years Eve
Some people don't consider this a real holiday.  I consider it the most sparkley day of the year.  And I like sparkles.  We aren't very exciting any more but it's still a time to reflect on the past year, drink champagne, and celebrate just being alive.  I love the fresh start feeling of New Year's Day.  It's a nice conclusion to the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years holiday season.


Looking back at my list I realized I didn't include anything for fall and thought we need a good fall holiday.  Then remembered Halloween. quote Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Halloween is like Christmas for jerks."  So....yeah. 

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