Thursday, August 28, 2014

Things I like - August

1) Sparkly Soul headband

I like sparkly things.  If we ever get a girl we might be a trouble.  There will be a lot (more) shiny sparkly things around.  I also like headbands because I feel like they make it look like I put slightly more effort into my hair.  Putting on a headband roughly doubles the time I spend on my hair most days.  They are especially handy when I go days without washing it like camping or at the lake.  So, finding a comfortable, sparkly headband? Win win win. 

I got this silver headband for my birthday and it is very obviously one of the things I picked out.  I've worn it a lot since then and it is awesome.  It stays on super well thanks to the velvet lining but isn't so tight as to induce a headache.  And it's pretty sparkly.  I already have another color on my Christmas list. 

2)  Netflix

We might be among the last people to finally give into to Netflix.  I don't really know what prompted it, maybe realizing how cheap it is?  The plan we are on is $9 a month and that's unlimited streaming for 2 viewer at once.  It's the first subscription tv service we've ever paid for and it's worth the cost.  I like that we can each have our own profile to keep track of our most recently watched or our own lists.  It keeps track of where you stop in any tv episode (probably movies too but I haven't watched any on there yet).  It's automatically starts the next episode with just a 20 second break or something.  There are no commercials.  We can log in from many devices at once (have it on our Wii, PS3, 3 computers, and phones) so I could start an episode of Grey's in the basement (what I'm currently watching while I workout) and finish it upstairs without having to keep track of where I stopped.  It's awesome.  Perfect for binge watching shows which brings me to the next one....

3) Parks and Recreation

Ok, this might be why we finally fell for Netflix.  I had heard a lot of good things about this show and I wasn't going to buy all the DVDs (something we have done in the past to catch up on shows...How I Met Your Mother and Friday Night Lights come to mind).  It's made by the same people as The Office and the humor is similar.  It's about the Parks & Recreation department in a small (fictional) Indiana town (another selling point).  Multiple references to the Colts already!  It's nice and easy to watch together while eating our nightly ice cream.  If you liked The Office you should check this out (like The Office, season 1 of this is pretty rough too, we skipped most of it).  Although the opening credit have a shot from Central Park and took out the two things actually in Indiana on the season 3 credits. I yell at the tv every time they show Central Park.

4) Mossimo Boyfriend t-shirts

I am wearing this exact shirt as I write this post.

I like easy basics and I like buying multiples when I find something I like.  I have this t-shirt in 3 colors.  Once I bought one and saw how perfectly fit and comfortable it was I needed more.  They are the perfect thickness and perfect length.  Plus, with sales I've been able to buy them on 3 different occasions for around $5 each time.  Definitely a new summer staple for me.

5) The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity

We pretty much watch movies 3 ways - at the drive-in, borrowing from the library, or DVDs we own (and that's mostly older movies, we haven't bought any all year, I think).  We've seen quite a few good ones this month, nice to wait for things we really want to see!

The Lego Movie - This was a library find of Matt's.  It was really goofy but a cute kids movie.  We are big Lego fans (maybe we each built a new set while we watched this...) and so a given it would appeal to us.  It's one I would eventually buy for Luke and let him watch when he's older.  A lot of kid movies are just stupid (we saw Planes 2 at the drive-in a few weeks was so pointless it made me mad watching it) but this one was pretty decent.

Guardians of the Galaxy - we saw this at the drive-in the weekend it was released.  It was about what you can expect from the Marvel movies - action, funny, enjoyable.  We decided it's one of our favorites of all the Marvel ones - up there with Avengers and Captain America.  Pretty much a perfect summer movie.  Even though I didn't catch all the connections to the previous Marvel movies.  Matt had to explain things afterwards.  But it was still a fun movie to watch.

Gravity - this was not a fun movie to watch but it was excellent.  Very suspenseful and the visuals were incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  Going up in space scares me a great deal so the thought of possibly floating away or dying up there all alone is pretty horrifying.  It's definitely more of an adult movie than the first too but worth watching. 

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