Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homemade finger paints

My sister does all sorts of creative projects with her kids.  A lot of them.  It helps that her kids are old enough to use scissors and glue and glitter.  I don't think Luke is there yet (especially with scissors) but I figured it was time we started doing some projects too.  We've colored often but lately his interest has turned more to eating the crayons or wanting them all on his tray before throwing them on the ground.  I don't find this very fun so we haven't colored in awhile.  We did try finger painting.  I took off Luke's shirt and when he was given the option between his belly and the paper...he went right for his belly.  It took some encouraging for him to use the paper and he still ended up with paint every where.  I think next time we'll try this right before bath time.

Mixing up our own finger paints was pretty quick and easy.  My favorite part was coloring the paint.  This only takes some kitchen staples and a little time.  Plus, it is completely edible although probably pretty gross to taste.  Luke did try it but only once and that was enough.

$1 paint tray from Jo-Anns
Homemade Finger Paints
1/2 cup cornstarch OR 1 cup flour
4 TB sugar
2 cups cold water
pinch of salt
food coloring

1) Combine all ingredients together in a medium saucepan on low heat for about 10 minutes, until it is smooth and thick.
2) Turn off the burner and let it cool.   Then separate into containers and add food coloring (it didn't take many drops to get rich colors).
3) Store with the lids on tight so it doesn't dry out.



Lauren said...

Fun!!! I love his colorful belly. Hehe!!!

diana said...

Yes, he liked that part a lot too, hahaha.