Monday, October 27, 2014

Mixed Drinks Monday: Hula Dancer

It's been awhile since I tried a new drink!  With my post-surgery pain meds I wasn't supposed to drink alcohol and then, once I was finally off those, I was still finishing up the sangria from camping.  And I think it was even better after sitting in the fridge an extra 4 weeks.  So, lesson there: mix up sangria a month before you want to drink it.  I was seriously considering eating the blackberries that had been soaking in wine and vodka for the past month but then Matt threw them in the compost bin.  Maybe for the better.  (I'm not sure alcohol soaked berries belong in the compost but I'm not digging them out now so we're just going with it.)

Anyways, this weekend I finally mixed up a drink I had planned to make over the summer.  Rum definitely seems more summer appropriate but we were rewatching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so rum felt ok in October.

Hula Dancer
yield: one drink
-1 ounce pineapple vodka
-1 ounce coconut rum
-6 ounces pineapple juice
-splash of grenadine

Combine all ingredients and serve over ice.   

My thoughts
So, I just noticed as I was typing this up that the recipe called for vanilla rum and not coconut.  I definitely read that as coconut when I made it.  So...I guess I really didn't make this one.  But my version tasted ok.  It wasn't anything special but it was really easy and coconut and pineapple always go well together.  

source (modified)

In the summer I aim to make a new drink every week and share them all here, good or bad!  See them all in chronological order by following the "Mixed Drink Monday" tag here or check out my favorites by scrolling down to "Mixed Drink Monday" on my recipes page!


Monica said...

I was cracking up by the end of your post when you realized you had put the wrong ingredients into the drink! Too funny!!

diana said...

Yep...not the first time that's happened!