Monday, December 22, 2014

Things Luke likes - December (21 months)

I thought it'd be fun (for me) to record some of Luke's favorite things since I only buy so many things anyways (except this time of year...yay Christmas shopping credit card bills...).  Also, he's growing too fast but what parent doesn't say that??

1) Phones

Luke loves phones.  Any phone.  Our cell phones (when he can get his hands on them), his play phones, remotes (which he thinks are phones), 4 function calculators (again, phones), anything else that looks remotely like a phone.  He has these really serious conversations on them, walking around the house, babbling away with his head down all serious.  It's hilarious and adorable.  And strange since he doesn't see us talking on the phone that often (Who really talks on the phone?  I basically only talk to Matt or my Mom.).  It's so cute to watch.

2) Lemur

This little guy has become Luke's bff.  He got him for free at a TinCaps "Webkinz Wednesday" on adoption night this summer.  It was love at first sight (far left).   His love for lemur has grown over the last few months and now lemur goes almost every where Luke goes (we've only had to take him to church once to prevent a full on breakdown).  He's always holding onto lemur when I get him up in the mornings, cuddles with him during storytime before bed.  He "watches" Luke eat breakfast and goes for rides in his truck.  Luke will share his snacks and milk with lemur.  It's just adorable.  It wouldn't have been my first pick for the stuffed animal he became attached to but it's still pretty cute that he's picked a favorite.

3) Curious George and the Bunny, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Little Blue Truck books

Luke and I read books together almost every day.  Sometimes he'll want to sit on the couch, with a blanket, and look at them himself (for awhile he was very possessive of this spot on the couch).  The ones listed above are his current favorites.  We read Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way A LOT when I was laid up.  Multiple times a day.  He calls them "Beep beep" and "Boom" respectively (not to be confused with "Boom Boom" which is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom).  Then Curious George and the Bunny became his favorite (what he is reading above).  It doesn't really teach a lesson but he really likes the bunnies. I broke my "5 times in a row" rule with that when he insisted on it again and again and again (twenty times.  Seriously, twenty).  But at least he likes books and I'm always impressed by how much he remembers of them!

4) "helping"
Luke likes helping us with anything he can, except cleaning up his toys.  He's never enthusiastic about that one even though he usually still will.  But doing "big people" things like helping me stir dry ingredients or push the Christmas tree cart (above) makes him instantly light up.  It's adorable.  I've been in the kitchen a lot lately and he's always pushing over a chair, wanting to help.  Lots of times I distract him with frozen blueberries and that works well (even if it turns his hands, face, and our counters a little purple in the process) but when it works, I let him help and he loves it. 

5) Coloring
Luke has words for coloring but I can't figure out how to type them.  He's very excited to color, also break crayons ("break it!") but some color does get on paper too.  Usually the paper Matt or I are trying to color on because obviously whatever we have is more desirable than the same blank paper he got.  It's fun to watch him get into it.  It's also fun to color again myself!

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