Friday, January 9, 2015

January organizing: Super easy jewelry storage

I've started to accumulate a little bit of jewelry (not the expensive kinda, the $10-$20 kind) as well as scarves (my collection of those has more than doubled since Halloween) and my previous "system" (bunching them all together on my "Diana" hook in our closet) wasn't working.  I've had this hook set for as long as I can remember.  Either my Dad made it or I got it very young.  My sisters and I each had one in our rooms growing up for our purses and belly bags (it was the early 90s...everyone had those). 

I had been researching different jewelry storage ideas on Pinterest and didn't find anything that really settled with me.  I don't have a lot or the budget for a lot.  Then I remembered we had these command hooks in the drawer.  Boom.  Free organizing.  I like it.  I like it a lot.

New Years Day I got Matt to spend some time with Luke and I got to organizing.  It was as simple as wiping down the wall, sticking up the hooks (waiting just a bit), and then hanging things up.  Oh it was exciting.  (I am the type of person who gets really excited by organizing things.)  I even grouped my necklaces by size and pulled out a few that had been left in the cupboard below.  My small collection of braclets are on a old glass bottle and I added a hook for a few hard hand bands too.  I got an empty candle jar (from this project) for holding some corsages from various weddings.  This all took about 10 minutes and cost $0. 

I could probably figure out something better for my scarves but since I don't have a ton it's not like any are getting lost in there so this works for now.  Maybe at our next house when we probably won't have a massive closet that's as wide as our whole house (our closet serious is, it runs across the entire front of our house). 

First organizing project done of the year.  I've got my eyes on a lot more. 

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