Friday, January 23, 2015

Things I Like - January

1). Fleece Lined Leggings

These are beyond amazing.  Amazing.  I tend to be cold a lot and for years have worn leggings under my pants pretty much all winter.  After 5 winters my pairs were starting to wear out and another blogger linked to these on sale.  I got Matt to get them for me for Christmas and have worn them every other day pretty much since (I alternate them with a similar pair my sister gave me).  They are thicker than my old cotton pairs but no so thick that I can't fit them under my skinny jeans.  The fleece makes them a lot warmer than my old cotton pairs.  I would wear them with a dress, if  ever wore dresses in the winter.  I would basically live in these for 5 months of the year if they didn't require washing.  If catch these on sale again I would definitely buy more.

2. Old Navy Perfect Tee
I found one of these on sale during a quick Old Navy stop before a playdate last fall.  It quickly became one of my favorite long-sleeved shirts because it is so soft and comfortable.  I now own it in 4 colors and they pretty much all get worn every wash cycle.   They are inexpensive, comfortable, and easy.  My new favorite long-sleeved t-shirts. 

3) Mossimo open front cardigan
When I find clothes I really like I tend to buy them in multiple colors.  See above.  And this Target sweater.  This one I only have two of, in grey and navy.  I wore one to our family Christmas celebration (where I then received the second).  And I typically pair them with the above mentioned Old Navy tee.  (Like in the previously linked picture.).  This sweater is warm and comfortable but still looks nicer than just a tee on it's own.  I'm a big fan.

4) The DIY Playbook

After Young House Love quit the blogging business last fall, I was on the hunt for a new home blog to fill it's place.  This one has become my favorite.  It's run by two bffs in the Chicago area who both have full-time jobs but still post many times a week about decorating, home projects, and the like.  They don't do big gut-the-room projects like YHL did but many small manageable things that are easy enough for anyone to do.  Plus, I really like both of their decorating styles and wouldn't mind many of there things in my house. 

5) Serve God, Save the Planet

If you've been reading here awhile you know I'm pretty big on being "green".  Or I thought I was.  I'm a huge recycling advocate (all of our family knows that and I'm very used to being picked on for it.  That's ok, I'm still going to annoy you into doing it.).  After reading this book though I feel like we have a loooong way to go.   The title makes it pretty obvious: about saving the planet from a Christian perspective but it's so much more than just "recycle" and so on.  Dr. Sleeth talks about not just those basic things but also reducing gas and electrical usage, reducing by much the amount of trash (disposables) you use, actually paying attention to where things (such as teak) come from and what impact that can have for other people.  Just the fact that I'm sitting in a house, that we own, with electricity and a full (enough) stomach means we are amount the wealthiest in the world.  Why not do whatever we can to help the less fortunate and save the planet at the same time?

Reading this book got me all fired up. I told Matt we should get rid of our gas push mower and instead get one that you just push, no gas (he said no).  I want a clothes line but need to check our neighborhood rules on that.  I've been looking for reusable things to replace what we use and toss.  We've already stopped buying paper napkins, paper towels, and plastic baggies.  I also want to stop buying tissues and reduce the packaging we use.  I need to start researching where we food comes from and how we can improve that.  There is a lot more we can do besides just recycle. 

Anyways, read this book.  It takes more than one person (household) to make a real change even though I want to do all we can.  And it's not just saving the outside world of the Earth but the people on it too.  What we buy can greatly affect people in other countries.  This book gave me A LOT to think about.  Go read it.  Please.

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